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Sex Work, Police Accountability and Privacy

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 In this month's Civil Liberties Update, we look at our work to:

  • Protect the rights and safety of sex workers
  • Demand oversight for Canada Border Services Agency 
  • Keep the conversation about our privacy rights front and centre
  • Plus: Civil forfeiture in BC is delivered a blow by the courts! 
  • AND nominations for our Board of Directors are now open!

Make Your Voice Heard: Public Consultation on Sex Work Laws

In December, 2013, the Supreme Court struck down Canada's prostitution laws, ruling that the laws impose dangerous conditions on sex workers.The BCCLA intervened in the historic Bedford case, welcoming the decision as a closing chapter on failed laws.

Untill March 17, 2014 The Government of Canada is seeking the public's input on the criminal law's response to adult prostitution. We are urging all of you - our members and supporters - to participate in this consultation.

Read more here.

Seven Years of Inaction: Demanding CBSA Accountability

In 2006, The Maher Arar Inquiry recommended that Canadian Border Services Agency’s national security activities be subjected to independent review. The federal government has failed to act on this recommendation.

Together with out partners, BCCLA is calling on the government to take action. Read more here.

On March 5, Executive Director Josh Paterson and refugee lawyer Leslie Stalker penned this piece in The Toronto Star.

Real Privacy: Micheal Vonn's CSEC Video Draws a Crowd

Policy Director Micheal Vonn presented at the Real Privacy conference. What she had to say about our Stop Illegal Spying case is drawing lots of attention.

"The current CSEC regime amounts to surveillance by secret laws without meaningful limits, oversights, or safeguards."

Watch the video here. 

Privacy or Security: BCCLA Wins the Debate!

The Globe and Mail featured a debate asking Canadians: Have Spy Agencies Gone Too Far? By an overwhelming majority, readers who voted  chose our staff Counsel Caily as the winner of the debate!

Read more here.

Victory in Civil Forfeiture Case!

Civil forfeiture proceedings allow the government to confiscate people's belongings without being convicted or even charged of any crime. The BCCLA is a longstanding opponent to civil forfeiture and will continue to advocate for the protection of individual rights as this area of the law develops.

Read more here.

Join our Board of Directors!

Each year, the BC Civil Liberties Association holds elections for our Board of Directors at our Annual General Meeting. We’re extending an invitation to our members to nominate candidates. Nominations are open until March 28, 2014. Be a part of the fight for human rights and civil liberties, nominate yourself or someone you know now!

Read more here.

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