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Edson Main Street Project

The Edson & District Historical Society has begun collecting stories of Edson's Main Street for the 2017 celebrations of Canada's 150th anniversary. We gathered 33 letters of memories and main street wishes from local youth at the Galloway Museum Hands On Adventure and will be sharing a few of them on Facebook and Twitter with the hopes of inspiring others to share their stories with us as well.

For information on the project that inspired us to tell our tale, check out http://thetaleofatown.com/.


Upcoming Event at the Galloway Station Museum

As part of National Wildlife Week, join EDHS, Edson Fish & Game Association, Edson & Area Trappers Association and the Wild Sheep Foundation to find out what role hunters and anglers have played in the development of North American Wildlife Conservation Model.

For other National Wildlife Week events across the country, click here.

Featured Artist: Susan Grace (Martin)

We are privileged to stock literary works written by both current and former residents of the Edson area. This week's featured artist, Susan Martin (pen name, Susan Grace), spent time in Edson during the 1980s, working for the Edson Report.

Beginning her writing career almost thirty years ago with newspaper and magazine articles, Susan had in the back of her mind that one day she would write a novel. Three years ago she set her mind to it and the result was Ashes of Destruction. “I had started several novels, but then set them aside until an event in my life prompted me to go back to one of the books I had started about 20 years ago, and really work on completing it.”

Her advice to other writers is to express yourself and learn through your writing. “I think the crux is to write about what you know.” Martin is now weaving the background to her first novel and bringing the characters to their final conclusion in the sequel, Ashes of Destruction – Legacy of Betrayal.