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Sex Linked to Life Enjoyment in Older Adults

Staying sexually active into older age contributes to improved well-being, according to a recent Sexual Medicine study. 

Over 6,800 British men and women between the ages of 50 and 89 completed two questionnaires on their sexual activities and enjoyment life. 

Researchers found that sexually active participants (who reported sexual activity during the previous year) tended enjoy their lives more. 

Frequent (at least twice a month) vaginal, anal, and oral sex was linked to greater life enjoyment for men, but not for women. However, kissing, fondling, and petting were linked to greater enjoyment for both men and women. 

See more details on the study here. 

In the Forums...

ISSM members have been discussing several topics in the forums this week:

1. A case of a 32-year-old man with high testosterone levels, but symptoms of hypogonadism.

2. Post-finasteride syndrome (sexual dysfunction after discontinuing the drug).

3. Premature ejaculation.

4. Male and female condoms and their effects on sexual sensitivity and pleasure.

5. Standard protocols for using a vacuum pump.

6. Intravaginal laser therapy to treat laxity and dryness.

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