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Latest News from Raw Vision

New AVAM Exhibition explores the impact of technology

Human, Soul & Machine: The Coming Singularity! at AVAM runs through August 31, 2014. This new exhibition explores the rapid and ever-increasing impact of artificial intelligence, robotics, nanotechnology, genetics, 3D printing and Big Data on nearly every aspect of human life.

African American Self-taught Artists from the South

At the California African American Museum until April 6, 2014, Soul Stirring honours self-taught African American artists: Leroy Almon, Sam Doyle, Roy Ferdinand, Clementine Hunter, Sister Gertrude Morgan, Nellie Mae RowePurvis Young and Herbert Singleton.

Nek Chand Rock Garden volunteers arrive in Chandigarh, India

The first group of volunteers have arrived in Chandigarh for this winter's programme. The first of four groups of 6/7 people are from the US, UK, Australia, Italy, Netherlands and Turkey. They will each stay for one month repairing and constructing Nek Chand's sculptures and mosaic etc.


Madge Gill exhibition in London, UK

If you are in the UK, don't forget to catch Madge Gill: Medium & Visionary at Orleans House Gallery on until 26 January, 2014. A major retrospective featuring over 100 original artworks including the immense The Crucifixion of the Soul, and contextual photographs and documents.

Art in the Asylum, UK

Until November 3 at the Djanogly Gallery, more than 150 works trace the key role that artistic endeavour has played in psychiatric settings from the 1800s to the 1960s. Asylum: Creativity and the Evolution of Psychiatry also explores how "psychiatric art" came to be recognised as Art Brut or outsider art.

Outsider Art Fair, Paris

The Outsider Art Fair takes place this weekend in Paris. From October 24 – 27 at Hotel Le A, visitors will have the opportunity to see works by iconic self-taught artists such as Henry Darger, Martin Ramirez, Bill Traylor, Adolf Wölfli, Aloïse Corbaz, Carlo Zinelli and Eugene Von Bruenchenhein.

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Issue 79, out now. Featuring:

Alex Grey's life and art, with an extract from his new book.

The work of a new discovery, Ernst Kolb, a German baker who taught himself to draw.

Ferdinand Cooper's unusable imitations of objects.

Patrick Joyce's peripheral visions of a mythological world.

Intense paintings by master porcelain painter Josef Karl Rädler.

Hiroyuki Doi's compositions made up of minuscule circles.

Art in British mental health institutions since the 1800s.

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Issue 80, out soon. Featuring:

The visionary environment of Prophet Isiah Robertson.

An interview with Chuck Rosenak about his life of collecting American folk art.

Madge Gill's postcard drawings.

The heretical bestiary of Friedrich Schröder-Sonnenstern.

The ornate faces of Australian outsider Liz Parkinson.

The nineteenth century watercolours of patient John Gilmour from the Chrichton Royal Hospital, Scotland.

Out in November/December