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Galerie Gugging

Images: Leopold Strobl. 


March 3 – May 6, 2016

Galerie Gugging will be showing the differing works of 2 new artists Leopold Strobl and Leoš Wertheimer. Strobl draws on top of newspaper clippings, preferring a small format, and has been devoted to art for over 35 years, working in the Guggen Open Studio for 12 years. Wertheimer uses large packaging paper for his large format works. He began drawing the detailed illustrations of locomotives in 1997. Since then he has drawn more than 600 locomotives and every single one exists. “Locomotives Beneath a Green Sky“ will highlight both the similarities and differences in their drawings.


Image: Leoš Wertheimer.


Cavin-Morris Gallery

February 18 – March 26, 2016

MAVERICK! will show new work, featuring 25 artists from the USA, France, Austria, Belgium, Haiti, Indonesia, Jamaica, India and Japan, including a special presentation of artists from the Czech Republic. The exhibition will look at artists outside mainstream channels, and their importance in the future of the field. It will include artists Noviadi Angkasapura, Luboš Plný, Jon Serl and Solange Knopf.


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Scottie Wilson in Canada

One of Britain’s most famous outsider artists spent 13 years in Canada before he became well known as an outsider artist.


40 years of Collection L’Art Brut

Sarah Lombardi talks about the Dubuffet collection, art brut and outsider art today in a celebration of the anniversary of the art brut museum in Lausanne.


The drawings of James Chandler

We look at a retired New York subway worker’s lifelong devotion to model railways, real stations and drawing train carriages.


Larry Palsson

Secret art discovered in Seattle in 2014, four years after the artist’s death.


Gil Batle

Intricately carved ostrich egg shells depict moving narratives of US prison life.


Loic Lucas

Microscopically detailed drawings by self-taught artist from France.