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January Talent Tips

"In order to succeed at succession planning, leaders must start early."

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How to Give Employee Feedback that Will Boost Performance
How to Give Employee Feedback that Will Boost Performance

In this tenth edition of Leadership Flash Beth explores the ways that you can provide your employees and team members with feedback that boosts performance. Watch Beth’s vlog to learn more. Missed an episode? No problem! Every second Wednesday the vlog archive is updated with the latest video, watch all ten today!

Are You Talent Obsessed?
Unlocking the secrets to a workplace team of raving high-performers

Beth has compiled her best practices for leaders committed to becoming talent obsessed in her first ebook, “Are You Talent Obsessed?” If you are you motivated to become a talent obsessed leader, learn everything you need to know through a complete guide featuring ten different tools, case study’s and articles!

About Beth

Beth Armknecht Miller’s passion for learning, and dedication to helping others, are strands woven throughout her distinguished career, which continue to guide her work with Executive Velocity.


Every Tuesday I share my favorite talent management tips on Twitter using the hashtag #TalentTuesdays. Follow me on Twitter and be sure to share your top talent tips with me!

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