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Public Review of Backhoe Design

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Collaboration is the very core of our work. Join us in reviewing the new design for the open source backhoe by clicking the link below. People from all over the world are free to comment and make suggestions before we build the next prototype. If the design is a success, we'll be ready to document it and release it openly for use all across the planet.

Join the Backhoe Smart Mob

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True Fans Microfunding Platform

My name is Jacob Dalton, and I’m about to hit the road for Missouri. Along with Brad Lewis and Aaron Makaruk, I’ve been developing a True Fans microfunding web application. Next week I’m going to Factor e Farm for a Dedicated Project Visit with the goal of releasing the True Fans application before Christmas.

This application is designed for True Fans and supporters to create videos that they can send to their friends over social media. We think videos are a really effective way to personally introduce other people to this project, but we don’t know quite how this will play out yet. We're seeking feedback on the current application. For more information see this video I made of current development.

If you would like to help with the design or testing of the platform, please email me at jacobrdalton at gmail dot com.

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TIME Magazine Best Inventions of 2012

TIME Magazine has bestowed us the honor of naming the Civilization Starter Kit one of the best inventions of the year. While it wasn't technically invented this year, and still needs to be completed, (want to donate or help either on-site or remotely?) we certainly appreciate the recognition and support.