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Hillary is Unfit to be Commander-in-Chief

“All Americans, particularly veterans and active-duty military, owe a debt to Bob Gates for unmasking Hillary Clinton’s political duplicity on the Iraq War. Defense Secretary Gates, in his newly-published memoir, “Duty,” reveals that Clinton opposed the surge of troops into Iraq not because she had a different strategy for winning the war but because she was facing an anti-war Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential primaries. Gates said he was present when Clinton confessed her shameless motives to President Obama. In the book, Gates called Clinton’s admission “surprising” and “dismaying.” I call it “depraved” and “dishonest”.  Playing politics with American troops lives should forever disqualify Hillary Clinton from being Commander-in-Chief. My fervent hope is that in 2016 every veteran remembers that when it came to winning the war and protecting the honor of our country Hillary Clinton put personal politics ahead of doing what was right.” - Chairman Gary Stubblefield

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