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The first grant funding round for 2018 opens 1 May

If you have a project that can help improve the quality or quantity of glass bottles and jars available for recycling, we'd love to hear from you.

We consider applications for:

Infrastructure | Plant & Equipment | Technology | Research | Events

Projects for alternative outcomes for container glass that can't be returned to the furnace can also be submitted.

Three funding rounds

We've recently reviewed our funding process and made some changes to make things easier for applicants. It also allows the Forum to prioritise projects that have the most impact by having all grants submitted within set time frames.

Key changes:

  • There will be three funding rounds each year: February, May and September
  • Applications open on the first day of the month and close on the last day of the month.
  • Applications can be done online or you can download a PDF form to complete offline.

The first funding round opens 1 May 2018 and closes 31 May 2018.

We'll still consider urgent applications outside of the funding rounds.

$1.8 million to date

Our members' voluntary levies have helped fund $1.8 million in grants to date.

If you'd like to know more about some of the grant funding recently awarded, check out our news page.

Queenstown Mayor Jim Boult, left, and Ricci Peyroux, Smart Environmental

Rural Community Recycling containers in Marlborough divert tonnes of glass from landfill

Bins with a story to tell: Clean Event recycling bins

Find out more

To find out more, visit the Grants and Funding page on our website or contact Dominic Salmon on 021 563 060 or dominic@glassforum.org.nz

All ready to go? Apply for a grant.


Don't forget, applications for the coming funding round close 31 May 2018.