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ISSWSH Announces Two New Publications

The International Society for the Study of Women's Sexual Health (ISSWSH) is pleased to announce two publications of interest to sexual medicine professionals. 

The Textbook of Female Sexual Function and Dysfunction: Diagnosis and Treatment covers the four clinical areas associated with female sexual dysfunction: desire, arousal, orgasm, and pain. The book "takes a multi-disciplinary, biopsychosocial perspective" on the diagnosis and treatment of sexual difficulties. Please click here for more details. 

In addition, Mayo Clinic Proceedings has published the ISSWSH's Process of Care for Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD) in Women. This document offers HSDD diagnosis and treatment guidelines for both sex health specialists and non-expert primary care providers. Please see further information here.

Review Discusses Phalloplasty Outcomes for Transmen and Cismen

After phalloplasty, transgender men tend to have more urethral and donor site complications than cismen, according to a recent literature review published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. 

Voiding while standing and full sexual function may also be more problematic for transmen after surgery, the study reported. However, phalloplasty satisfaction rates for transmen and cismen are similar. 

The authors also found that patients who underwent primary urethroplasty generally had better outcomes than those who had staged procedures. 

The review included 50 studies involving over 1,300 patients.  Further information can be found here. 


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