April 8, 2019

Dear Graduate Students, 

The election on April 15–18 is your one chance to vote on whether the United Steelworkers should represent Pitt graduate students. 

And here’s the deal. Your vote matters!

Why? A simple majority rules. So, if 100 students vote, just 51 votes for the same outcome will determine the election—and the results will be binding for all 2,016 graduate students in the bargaining unit.

This means that a small number of students could determine your future and require you to be represented by a third party with absolutely no track record of supporting graduate students. It’s a risky move—and one that could change the graduate student experience at Pitt for generations to come.  

So, don’t sit this one out. Use your voice and vote!
But, before you do, get the facts.  

Provost Ann E. Cudd and I are hosting a town hall this Wednesday to discuss the potential consequences of unionization in greater detail. We’ll be taking some questions at the event, but you can also ask them online in advance

WHEN: April 10 at 6:30 p.m.
WHERE: Alumni Hall, Seventh Floor Auditorium

I look forward to seeing you there!


Nathan Urban
Vice Provost for Graduate Studies

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