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3 MAY 2018


Researchers identify 44 genomic variants associated with depression
In what is the largest study thus far of the genetic risk of depression, researchers from Aarhus University have worked with other institutions on identifying several new genes for depression. The discovery is a step on the road to developing a more targeted and effective treatment of depression.

What became of the wish for more female professors?
Consider altering the tone of the new criteria for the recruitment of professors to make it clear that Health wishes to see more women in professorships. This was one suggestion from the employees who participated in the faculty's consultation meetings on new principles for the appointment of academic staff.

Why does science give rise to antipathy?
The academic council at Health invites you to a presentation by Professor Klemens Kappel from the University of Copenhagen on knowledge scepticism. The event will take place on 17 May and everyone is welcome.

Promising cell study provides hope of effective treatment of Parkinson’s disease
There is a significant decrease in the level of calcium when nerve cells are affected by Parkinson's disease. If the calcium level is kept stable, severe symptoms in Parkinson's patients may be prevented. This is shown by a recent laboratory study from Aarhus University.

Medical doctors remain trapped in their substance use disorders
Fear of dismissal or of losing their authorisation keeps medical doctors trapped in their substance use disorders, and instead of seeking help they attempt self-treatment. This is shown by a new study from Aarhus University.


VIDEO: Businesses are invited inside for Match Making Day
In April the first ever Match Making Day was held at Health. Students, researchers and company representatives met up to diuscuss potential collaborations, internships and much more.

Internal focus

Health gets its first subject specific advisory board
A cardiovascular research campus is the first step in a focused effort towards strong research-related positions at Health. A council led by three professors from across the departments will advise the faculty management team on strategic and professional developments within the field.

Kick-start an interdisciplinary research project with a new funding pool
A new funding pool at Health now means it is possible to apply for three months' salary for a potential PhD student for the development and planning of an interdisciplinary PhD project. Applications can be made jointly by two researchers, each from their own department at Health.

Hackers have broken into Health!
Fortunately, the professional hacker has been invited by the faculty. On Tuesday 22 May, he will demonstrate his working methods and explain how it is possible to hack into the systems and information that many of us work with daily. The event is open to all employees at Health.

'Welcome package' for new researchers
A new website now brings together the information you need as a new academic employee at Health so you can get off to a good start.

Reserve the date – Health is having a party
On Friday 24 August 2018, Health is holding its faculty party for all employees. The evening includes food and drink, music and dancing and perhaps a surprise or two. You are invited, so reserve the date immediately.

The DHL Relay Race – a cosy evening with your colleagues
Registration deadline for this year’s DHL Relay Race is 4 May. Rector Brian Bech Nielsen hopes that many employees will take this opportunity to meet in the beautiful, green surroundings for a run or walk and some pleasant time together afterwards.

people news

Record-breaking grant: iPSYCH is a beacon of research in the field of psychiatry
The iPSYCH research project has received a third grant of DKK 120 million from the Lundbeck Foundation. The grant means the project remains the largest in the world within the field of psychiatric research.


Internationalisation improves health research and education
When Aarhus University encourages medical students to take an international semester, we’re not doing it to satisfy privileged students’ wanderlust. The latest medical knowledge is developed in international relations. Health at Aarhus University therefore focuses on internationalisation – from degree programme to research and from student to professor.

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