August 2021 Newsletter

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Hello All.

As we all return from our summer vacations our schedule becomes rapidly filled with tasks we have to catch up on in our absence.  So in this light we would like to bring you up to date with some of the developments and activities we have engaged since our last publication.

Following the success of our University webinar series (NX and Solid  Edge)  we launched our Simcenter learning webinar . It was very well received with many of our attendees following up for more information on what they had seen or more in-depth demonstrations.. We recorded the presentation, so if you were unable to attend please reach out to our team and we will ensure you have access.  One area where we received strong feedback was the level of integration between Simcenter and Teamcenter. As companies look to optimize their design process the seamless integration between these products is vital.

Stayed tuned as we will be launching more learning webinars in the near future.  Meanwhile the tradeshows have started up and you will be able to visit our booths at the D2P (Design to Part) shows in Ohio and Pennsylvania  and also the CMTS tradeshow in Toronto, Ontario.

Additive Lab Opening - Cincinnati 

On the Additive Manufacturing side of our business we have just opened up our third Additive Lab in Cincinnati Ohio. We will be configuring the lab with todays premium brands in 3D printing - HP Jet Fusion, Markforged, and Smart3D. Combining the best of plastic printing with quality post processing will provide the platform to develop applications in the Midwest with our growing customer base.

Also, stay tuned for our first of many application focused training classes. For companies looking to design electronics enclosure our new course will provide everything you need to know to start designing and printing your enclosures in less than a week.

We continue to see adoption of Additive Manufacturing across our Canadian and US customers. It only takes a few applications to save your company thousands of dollars and improve predictability for small volume jobs. Reach out to your account manager with an STL for a same day quote.

NEW Online Training Course

Check out our library of online training, we continue to add classes on a weekly and monthly basis. 

Solid Edge CAM Pro Fundamentals

After successfully completing this course, you should be able to perform the following activities in Solid Edge CAM Pro: • Create Manufacturing assemblies • Create parent group objects that supply information to operations • Utilize options and parameters that are common to various operation types • Create drilling, planar milling, face milling, cavity milling, adaptive, and contour milling operations • Generate, verify, and post tool paths

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