Issue 44 | 21 June 2017


It's been an eventful few weeks in the world of politics, and social media has played a significant part. Both Conservative and Labour spent over £1m on Facebook alone. With the ability to target messages to voters in key seats, it's a no-brainer, and it appears Labour have learnt their lesson from 2015, when their budget was a paltry £16,500. So how did social media influence the election this time around? Let's find out with the only bi-weekly social media email that's strong and stable, but also for the many, not the few.

Facebook   Twitter and Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Biggest redesign in years. 
  • Election special BBC collaboration.
  • Instagram
  • Stories 'swipe up to link' option.
  • 'Click to Messenger' ads
Other Platforms
  • Snap Spectacles available in Europe.
  • Snapchat and BT Sport UEFA deal.
  • Instagram forces lull in Snapchat growth.
  • Pinterest's new AI tool.
  Emerging Platforms and Tech
Social Media Items of Interest
  • The truth behind influencer rates on Instagram.
  • Social media’s role in political campaigning.
  • Russian vending machine sells Instagram likes or follows.
  • VW uses laughing horses to sell their Trailer Assist feature.
  • Digital strategists say Labour won the social media election.
  • The direct nature of political advertising.
  • Tories and Labour used social media to target ads at specific seats.
  • More than 32,000 people interested in 'Leaving Drinks' Facebook event. 
  • Tories spend more than £1m on negative Facebook advertising.
  • Election night's funniest tweets.
  • Transformers appear in painting from 1815.
  • Delta Air Lines paints selfie-friendly locations on walls in Brooklyn
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