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Storyology 2014

Metro Screen is thrilled to partner with Storyology a four-day festival that brings together journalists, screenwriters, authors, satirists, entrepreneurs, multimedia gurus, documentary-makers, photographers, producers and bloggers in a space to inspire, foster collaborations, and encourage experimentation and bold ideas.

"Journalism has changed a lot in the last five years, particularly with so many readers now moving to the internet... (Journalists) need to know how to aggregate information, research, connect with new people online, write text, take photos, shoot videos, publish them and promote their own works," says guest speaker Nivell Rayda from The Jakarta Globe.

From December 1-4, the Chauvel Cinema and Metro Screen will be the home of Storyology 2014.

Continue reading for a run down on the conference and to find out how you can win a pass to Storyology.

The Latest

Telling a Good Story

Telling a Good Story

As screen content creators, it is crucial to engage an audience in an emotional experience and take them along for the ride. One form that has been enjoying a healthy resurgence in recent times is the humble podcast. With this in mind, for your storytelling inspiration, we have put together our top ten list of fave podcasts for your enjoyment.


Interesting Productions

Filmmaker Nick Toti on why it is an exciting time in cinema. “The models that are going to sustain our cinematic ecosystem remain undiscovered. The time when money called all the shots is dying. What's growing in its place is a time of visionaries and big ideas and little guys who no longer wait for anyone's permission.” 
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Documentary Australia Foundation

DAF are running an invitation-only workshop tailored to attracting philanthropic funding. The day includes group project discussion, developing goals and targets, identifying potential financing options, applying for funding, and how to devise plans for audience engagement campaigns. Mon 8th Dec, 9.30 - 4pm. Register interest here


Netflix is Coming!

Online video streaming provider Netflix has announced it will be expanding into Australia in March next year. No longer will there be the need to navigate the tricky geoblocking and list your zip code as 90210! Pricing details are yet to be released but you can sign up to receive a notification when details are announced. ɹǝpu∩uʍoᗡxıןɟʇǝN#


Breaks Funding Info Session

Get the funding you need to make your creative vision a reality in 2015 with Metro Screen’s BREAKS funding and development. Applications close 27 January. Register to attend the free info session for all the details. 
03 Dec, 6:00pm at Metro Screen

Still from Breaks production Bad Daddy


Gain a New Skill Before Christmas

Feature Film Scheduling
Starts 26 Nov

From Final Cut Pro to AVID in 2 days
Starts 23 Nov

Introduction to Producing Animation
Starts 29 Nov 

Production Intensive Documentary
Starts 29 Nov

Producing and Directing for Bollywood
Starts 02 Dec

Camera Basics
Starts 13 Dec

Introduction to AVID Editing
Starts 13 Dec


Congratulations to Daniel Christie who won Gold last week at the Australian Cinematographers Society Awards in the the Station Breaks/Promos category for Mnemonic.

“I am thrilled to have received a Gold award from the ACS for my work and to have been presented the award by Dr George Miller AO, the director of one of my all time favourite films; Mad Max 2.  Winning gold was particularly exciting as this was my first time receiving an ACS award,” said Daniel.

Daniel has been working at Metro Screen for ten years and is on our books as Crew For Hire.


Screen 2030: Episode 4 with Marcus Gillezeau

“Look at the credits from a film in the 1950’s and there are 60-70 people and you look at a big budget movie now and there is 10-12 hundred people.” 

Marcus Gillezeau from Screen 2030: Making My Content Pay extended interviews.
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Seeking 1AC – Paid
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Interactive, Multiplatform and Narrative Games Development Lab Applications Now Open! – Australian Writers’ Guild in partnership with Storycode Sydney
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Curious-City. Pilot Premiere. Cinema Den. Open Invitation
Trop Jr Announces 15 Finalists
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In Production

‘Protocol E’ Launched On Kickstarter
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‘Little Bondi’ Tropfest Finalist
Metro Alumni Receive Screen Australia  documentary funding.
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