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August 2013

IntlUni Newsletter # 2

IntlUni Newsletter #2

It gives us great pleasure to send you the second IntlUni Newsletter. Although the IntlUni project only started in October 2012 we have already made great progress, and this newsletter will inform you about recent developments and decisions within the IntlUni Network.

You are also more than welcome to circulate the newsletter to interested colleagues in your own networks and within your own institution – and to visit our website http://www.IntlUni.eu for more information about the project.

Overall the IntlUni project addresses the Challenges of the Multilingual and Multicultural Learning Space in the International University.

Almost all European Higher Educations Institutions (HEIs) have undergone tremendous changes as a result of internationalisation and the development of the European Higher Education Area. Until now, many resources have been devoted to key areas such as motivating and funding mobility (grants), ensuring transferability of credits (ECTS and the Qualification Framework) as well as joint European Quality Standards. However, what actually goes on in the classroom, where lecturers as well as students have different first languages and have grown up in different educational cultures with different educational traditions and norms, has attracted less attention. This is where IntlUni aims to make a difference!

We hope you find this an informative and inspiring read and we look forward to continue to provide our readers with relevant and up-to-date information about the IntlUni project and our progress.

Progress: Where are we now? And where are we headed?

Nine months into the project, the conclusions from the results of the 86-question survey completed by focus groups at 39 HEIs in 27 countries were extensively discussed at the 2nd Partner Meeting (5th- 7th June 2013) in Warsaw. In IntlUni’s pursuit – in this phase of the project – of what characterizes quality criteria for both teaching and learning in the Multilingual and Multicultural Learning Space (MMLS) at the multifarious participating HEIs, the focus of reflection was the draft synthesis report prepared by Karen M. Lauridsen (‘Introduction’), Sharon Millar and Margot van Mulken (WP2 ‘Identification of HEI Scenarios’) as well as Alessia Cogo and Kirsi Westerholm (WP3 ‘Identification of linguistic, cultural and pedagogical/didactic challenges’). The task of the 2nd Partner meeting was to help prepare the ground for the final synthesis report, which will be published online in the next few months and open to comment from relevant stakeholders and experts.

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What’s next on the agenda? The IntlUni Blog

IntlUni Coordinator Karen M. Lauridsen introduces the IntlUni blog and invites relevant stakeholders and experts within HEI to comment via the blog on the first results of the IntlUni project and to give us their take on and feedback to the three sections of the draft report.

Please have a look at our introduction video to the IntlUni blog. Click here to view video

Your feedback will be much appreciated. In October, when we close the blog, we will use your input to produce the final version of the synthesis report for year 1. This report will be finalised at an all-partner meeting in early November and published on the IntlUni website immediately thereafter.

Click here to access the blog

Recent activities:

IntlUni 2nd Partner Meeting at Warsaw University, June 5th-7th 2013

Day 1. Hotel Metropol. Between Warsaw’s Frederick Chopin airport and the rather charmless Hotel Metropol, located centrally at Rondo Dmovskiesgo, is an approximate 27-minute bus drive. For most of us this was our first glimpse of Warsaw as we arrived in the course of Wednesday June 5th, an unpromising grey day accentuating the endless apartment blocks on the way to the city centre, with its landmark Cultural Palace, a post-war reconstruction gift from Stalin, now somewhat put in the shade by glitzy hotels and teeming shopping malls at Marszalkowska. Oddly, the huge plastic palm tree planted at the Rondo de Gaulle junction seemed to mark the end to the drabness and herald the beginning of another side of the city at Nowy Swiat. Some of us made our way down there, a quaint but noble neighborhood graced with cafés, boutiques, chapels, churches, statues, the beginnings of parks and university buildings, all peopled with students, clerics, tourists and other passers-by. Some of us may have even got as far as the old town, the Royal Palace and the big cobbled café square beyond that, all reconstructed from scratch, after their near complete destruction in the Second World War.

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Upcoming Events:

3rd Partner meeting to be held in Colchester, UK November 6-8 November

It is with great pleasure that the IntlUni Network is announcing its third all-partner meeting to be held 6-8 November 2013 at the University of Essex in Colchester, UK. We greatly appreciate that the University of Essex will host this meeting.
This third all-partner meeting will be a great opportunity for the 38 network partners to assess and discuss the completion of the final synthesis report for Work Package 2 about the identification of HEI scenarios and Work Package 3 about the identification of linguistic, cultural and pedagogical/didactic challenges. From the second half of July and until 1 October, relevant stakeholders and experts within Higher Education will have a chance to comment via our blog on the first version of the synthesis report. This exercise is essential in order to for us have input from international professionals outside the Network who are also involved in the internationalisation of higher education and in teaching and learning in the Multilingual and Multicultural Learning Space.

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Also see the InlUni calendar here

New IntlUni Partners

The IntlUni was very pleased to welcome the two new IntlUni partners to the network.

Complutense University in Madrid (ES) and Maastricht University (NL) which are both well-known for being frontrunners in the area of internationalisation, are now full members of our Network.

They are therfore very relevant and qualified institutions that will add great value to the project as a whole and we look forward to working with them over the next couple of years.

IntlUni presented at international conferences

IntlUni Coordinator Karen M. Lauridsen has recently presented IntlUni at three international conferences:

The SoTL Commons. A Conference for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. Savannah, GA, USA – 27 March 2013. ICLHE 2013 Integrating Content and Language in Higher Education. Maastricht, NL – 12 April 2013. See the presentation here

Most recently, she gave a presentation at ACA’s 20th Anniversary Conference in the Hague on 11 June 2013.

International mobility and internationalisation

The event was co-organised by ACA and Nuffic and revisited two of ACA's core themes: International mobility and internationalisation. Where do we stand, where are we heading? In the presentations and workshops, contributors looked back at past trends and illuminated future developments in international higher education.

Read the full article here

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