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Fall 2016

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Cookie conundrum? Interested in having me teach a class? Want to join Cookie Connection, my online cookie community? Wondering where to purchase my new stencils, app, or 3-D cookie course?

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Give Thanks!

My premiere "Give Thanks" stencil set from my new cookie stencil line (above) sort of says it all. 2016 has been a year of stressful juggling for me. A number of new balls were thrown into the mix, and I purposely dropped some others to keep me from fumbling the rest. Even so, I'm extremely grateful for the opportunities that have come my way. They've caused me to look critically at what gives me the most satisfaction, and to take myself and my business in some interesting and challenging directions.

While I'm still teaching cookie classes (more than ever, in fact) and running Cookie Connection, I've bolstered my video business with a large online distribution deal. With few existing models for guidance, I had to do a lot of blind prognosticating and take a few leaps of faith. Now, it's time to cross my fingers and see how it all plays out! I've also made my first foray into Julia Usher-branded products with my Prettier Plaques stencil series (read all about it, below), and more products to follow in 2017. I hope you love them as much as I loved designing them for you! 

Live sweetly,

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Please Vote.

These days, I more often judge competitions (like OSSAS and Cake Masters), so I couldn't be happier (and frankly more surprised) to be up for Sugar Artist of the Year USA in the first-ever Edible Artist Global Awards, as well as for four video awards at the annual TASTE AWARDS. Please consider voting for me for categories #3 and #13 in the TASTE AWARDS before December 20 (link below)! TIA!

» Please vote for me. Thanks!


Cookie Decorating Classes.

2017 is shaping up to be another fabulous teaching year with classes starting in February in Australia. I also travel to China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Argentina, and conduct a couple of classes right here in the US (for a welcome change)!

» See my 2017 class schedule. More classes listed soon!


New Stencils - Plus, A Great Giveaway!

On November 21, I officially launch the first series (called Prettier Plaques) in my new cookie stencil line, designed in partnership with the very wonderful Stencil Ease. This series aims to make message cookies prettier than ever through the use of innovative layered masking and shading stencils! To celebrate, I'm giving away $200 worth of stencils. Enter (here) by December 6 (12 midnight CT) for a chance to win!

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