April 18, 2019

Dear International Graduate Students,

The University of Pittsburgh has a proud history of supporting graduate students from across the world in their pursuit of degrees and their careers. Last week, I sent a message reinforcing Pitt's support for our international community and correcting the record on key facts.

Today is the last day of voting, so I wanted to share a few reminders:

  • You have until 5 p.m. today to vote in the union election in O’Hara Student Center Ballroom.
  • International students are eligible to vote!
    As long as you have an active appointment in one of the groups eligible to participate in the election—teaching assistants, teaching fellows, graduate student assistants and graduate student researchers—you can (and should!) vote.
  • Pitt’s Office of International Services is devoted—100%—to supporting our international community. 
    The office serves all 4,500 international students, scholars, staff, and faculty who call Pitt their academic home.
  • Visa and immigration issues are not unionization issues.
    The U.S. government is the only entity that can issue or deny visas and work permits or order deportations. A union cannot change the U.S. government’s authority to make these decisions.

Pitt is here to support graduate students. It’s why we’re here. And we want to make sure every eligible student—including international students—votes and makes their voice heard.


Vice Provost for Graduate Studies

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