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Rita Houston Scholarship

Scholarship Funds Single Mom

“Each day that I am in class is a day of wonder and deep appreciation. I often feel like I need to pinch myself to see if I am really at school or if I'm dreaming!” Thanks to the new Rita Houston Scholarship, Merina Matthew can, indeed, be at school studying the language and God she so adores.
Learn about the scholarship

Morgan Wills

Serving the Underserved

Alumnus and physician, Morgan Wills, strives to bridge the gap between the faith community, the medically underserved, and academic medicine. Read more in the Nashville Medical News

War in Syria

The Cycle of Vengeance

"Belief in God’s wrath may sound cruel...But what will you say to someone that has suffered terrible wrong that will convince him to not strike back?" via Wondering Fair

Truth & Reconciliation

Audio: "Seek the Peace"

Rev. Jodi Spargur, pastor of God's House of Many Faces, challenges Regent with painful realities of residential schools, encourages participation in BC's Reconciliation week. Listen here

Regent World

New Regent World!

Liberating the church from the cultural captivity of the West - embracing World Christianity

Reframe In-A-Day

Reframe In-A-Day

Tickets on sale for this one-time-only, intensive ReFrame conference. Get the details

Kenya Exchange

Hujambo! from Kenya

Imagine student exchanges renewing theology on both sides of the Atlantic. It's happening

Walter Wright

Still Useful at Sixty-Five

Former Regent President, Walter C. Wright, speaks on his new book, "The Third Third of Life"

Melissa Lochhead

Amidst the Dustbunnies

What roles do marriage and family play in sanctification? Attend Melissa's IPIAT

Cheryl Bear

Jesus: Friend of Sorrow

"Maybe this one could love me, and maybe I could love this one". Watch Cheryl's story

Fall Appeal

Paying it Forward

Deepen their theology today so they can bless others tomorrow. Support Regent students

Maria Gaudin

Decaying Unto Life

Regent arts student, Maria Gaudin, explores the themes of life and death. See her work

Culture Shock

Culture Shock in Texas

Alumnus Paul McClure reflects on moving south from Vancouver via Wondering Fair

Rod Wilson

Helping a Hurting Friend

President Wilson participates in a 'Company of Disciples" talk series. Get the details

Haitao Yin

Speaking in Oil

Richmond artist, Haitao Yin, displays his unique landscapes in the Lookout Gallery

Carolyn Arends

Worship Con Queso

Carolyn Arends worships with melted cheese. Read her article in Christianity Today

Experience Regent

Experience Regent for one day

Tuesday October 8 

Rod Wilson

Rod speaks at Renewal Ministries

Saturday October 12

John Stackhouse

John at Brethren Conference

Wed. October 16

Iain Provan

Iain Provan launches book

Tuesday October 22

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