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15 August

Metro Screen

The Script Sessions

The Script Sessions

(Or Why Perhaps You Should Not Pay For Assessments)

You paid good money for a script assessment. You read it, and frustration creeps up on you. The report is well written, it praises your originality (yay!), your use of the English language (hmmm) and your research.

Then there is all this advice on how to 'make it more dramatic', change the structure, or rewrite a dozen or more scenes … but none of it feels right.
The assessor clearly didn't get your story.  Sound familiar?

Well, I hate to break it, but you have just wasted your money. Depending on who wrote the assessment, you may have lost anywhere between $300 and $1,000. (Some Americans charge even more – and they're rarely better). Who is to blame?

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Featured Items


Card Munch

Life is short, here’s a tip to make it better. Download the App Card Munch and you will soon have every business card in your phone, address book without typing a letter. Better yet, you can hit the connect button and you’ll be hooked up on LinkedIn faster than you can say “I’m a networking ninja!”


Xero Accounting ZOMG!

If you’d rather poke your eyes out with a fork than do your taxes, we’re on the same page here. Xero Accounting has a fancy video that explains why MYOB will be something relegated to people who still use fax machines and print off emails. Its beautiful, easy to use, written for humans and only costs $350 – $588 per year. The mobile app for capturing receipts is icing on the accounting cake.

Dream Accelerator

Dream Accelerator

Emerging Producers, this is your chance to get in front of industry heavy weights at SPAA Conference 2013 and win $3000 to take your project to the next level. Submit a 3 minute [private] video pitch for your idea – grab a phone, an iPod or your mate’s camera and sell us your dream transmedia project, TV or feature film concept. Work it!


Tele Visions Call For Entries

Tele Visions is seeking submissions for screen based works that will be considered for broadcast and presentation in the Tele Visions program. Be a part of this historic moment as we take advantage of TV’s last days to re-imagine the TV medium as a creative space where art can exist as broadcast. Proudly supported by Metro Screen.



Intro to Screenwriting starts tonight 15 Aug 

You know professional screenwriting skills will enable you to be the great storyteller you've always wanted to be. Screenwriters need to know structure, character, loglines, dialogue, plot and industry formatting and you’ll get all this plus the option to bring your own 'work in progress' to develop in class.

Led by: award winning screenwriter Rozlyn Clayton-Vincent.   


Camera and Lighting starts 17 Aug 

You aspire to be a career camera person and want the skills and experience needed to walk onto any set and light and shoot for the best story possible. Loads of practical lighting and shooting exercises under various conditions that will have you skilled up to get the right coverage, framing and composition for your next project.

Led by award winning cinematographer Steve Arnold.

Intro to Screenwriting



Production development and funding for aspiring indigenous documentary makers. This is what you’ll get: Training in video production and editing. Workshops to develop your idea into a production ready script. Funding and support to produce your short documentary (under 15 minutes). A TV broadcast outcome on NITV: The National Indigenous Television Station.

Apply by 21 August 2013.


Expert Talk

European Film Festival Strategy

- What can you expect from a film festival?
- How can you get the most out of the festival?
- What makes a good festival short film?

Guest presenter, Rich Warren, presents an opportunity to learn more about the value of submitting and attending a film festival; exploring how the short form is a means to develop and progress the next generation of filmmakers and animators; and what you can expect from a film festival.


European Film Festival Strategy



Broadcast your next event or panel discussion live from the Metro Screen multicamera studio. Bring in your ownset or use the green screen to develop a virtual backdrop for your online audience. Events can be set up to facilitate live chat and online audience interaction for real time discussion. Achieve high quality multicam productions with our Chroma Key Studio equipped with three broadcast quality cameras, professional lighting rig and a control room edit suite.

Get an instant quote here or call the Metro ScreenHire and Post Production team to talk through your requirements and get a customised quote on 02 9356 1818 or drop us a line at



Youtube Copyright (with puppets)

A lot has changed with YouTube recently, especially in the area of music soundtracks. Before your eyes glaze over, don’t worry, this catch up session is brought to you by puppets! Its fun and a good place to start.

YouTube Copyright Basics



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A Life Exposed: Robyn Beeche – Finalist at Australian Arts in Asia Awards

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Young at Heart Film Festival Shortlisted for Moviemakers Coolest Film Festivals in the World

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KOFFIA Short Film Competition 2013


Israeli Film Festival 2013 – Six Acts


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