Issue 47 | 16 August 2017


Summer holidays – a time to switch off, relax and have a rest. This doesn't seem to apply to social media though; 77% of people post regularly on holiday, uploading snaps and keeping friends and family updated with their adventures. Long gone are the days when you'd have to pick up your holiday snaps from the chemist and share them with your folks. Now photos are shared as soon as they happen and with a much wider circle of people. However, don't think they all appreciate it – 73% say they get wound up when they see others' holiday pics when they're still at home. Anyway, let's bring a little social sunshine to you wherever you are – here's Sociable Folktales.

Facebook   Twitter and Instagram
Other Platforms
  • Snapchat's new voice filters and World Lenses.
  • Snapchat allows a minute of video.
  • Snapchat's exclusive F1 deal.
  • New YouTube comment moderation.
  • Google testing autoplay videos.
  • WhatsApp hits a billion users.
  Emerging Platforms and Tech
Social Media Items of Interest
  • Instagram's 'Stories Are Everywhere' Campaign.
  • Facebook and Twitter quizzed over lack of action on MP intimidation.
  • McDonald's turning cup holders into speakers.
  • Nike's hi-tech scavenger hunts.
  • Martin Freeman in Vodaphone's new ads.
  • Why Apple joining Instagram late is a smart move.
  • National Lottery Twitter campaign hijacked with offensive messages.
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