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Next ISSM Webinar: Communicating About Sex

How can clinicians and patients communicate about sex more effectively? 

Find out at the next session in the ISSM Webinar Series!

"Communication About Sexual Problems in Clinical Settings" will be held online on Thursday, August 26, 2021 at 2.00 pm UTC. 

Save your seat and register today! 

Q & A: Female Ejaculation

Some women release a thick, whitish fluid when they reach orgasm. 

In our website's latest Q & A item, we explain what female ejaculation is, where it is thought to originate, and how it is different from "squirting." 

Do women ejaculate?

Readers may also be interested in these related questions:

What are vaginal fluids and what is their purpose? 

Why is vaginal lubrication important for women?

What is vaginal flatus? 

Updated weekly, our website's Q & A feature answers dozens of sexual health questions for patients and professionals alike.

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