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REELER Insights

Collaborative learning is a practice that is key to REELER because our main hypothesis is that roboticists can benefit from new tools that increase their knowledge of and collaboration with 'users' and other affected stakeholders, with the intent to create responsible and ethical designs. In the project work itself, we will look into what it takes for affected stakeholders and roboticists to align their perceptions and ultimately their visions of robots. (Read more about collaborative learning and other relevant concepts in the REELER Library.)

Spotlight on REELER Researchers

REELER researcher Alex Gimondi of Ab.Acus addresses human-robot interaction in HRI: what is it and why is needed?

New contributions to Working Paper Series 
REELER researchers Sophie Urmetzer and Andreas Pyka, from University of Hohenheim, have shared their working paper on Understanding innovation processes: An overview of evolutionary innovation models. Niels Christian Mossfeldt Nickelsen of Aarhus University has written about Feeding assistive robotics, socio-technological imaginaries, and care: The case of Bestic.

Community engagement

REELER to edit Special Issue

REELER will edit a special issue, Ethnography in HRI Research based on our workshop at the Human-Robot Interaction conference in Chicago. Read more...

Recent outreach activities

REELER participated in several conferences, including the European Robotics Forum in Finland, where they debuted the new ethical design tool BuildBot. Read more...

Partners and funding

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