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MK-SML - Servo Series Manual Load Cartoner
Product Feature: MK-SML - Servo Series Manual Load Cartoner
The MK-SML provides world-class manual load cartoning. The system features servo drives on all major actuations on the machine. This particular cartoner featured all-servo driven changeover which dramatically reduced the end user's change over time. No Product-No Load feature is standard on the MK-SML. View here.
Product Feature: AF-RBX - AFA Certified Reconditioned Machine
Machine rebuilds are an excellent way for end users to save cost while improving their production capabilities. AFA can rebuild a wide variety of machines including case packers, cartoners, tray packers, and more. For this application, we turned a used manual load cartoner into a fully automatic high-speed cartoner. Two Delta 3 robots were used to collate the pouches and place into continuous motion buckets. View here.
Business View: Article on AFA Systems - Leader in Packaging Machinery Automation
The company is authorized by the Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario to offer professional engineering services, and AFA’s Certified PMMI Training program can be tailored to meet a customer’s specific needs for training machine operators, mechanical technicians, and electrical technicians. Click here to find out more.