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MK-BIB - Horizontal Bag in Box Autoload Cartoner
Product Feature: MK-BIB - Horizontal Bag in Box Autoload Cartoner
This month's product feature is on the MK-BIB. The system features a wet environment design that includes anodized aluminum, sloped cabinets, and non-hollow tubing. The MK-BIB also efficiently handles bags of product with its overhead confiner and serrated buckets. Food Grade AB Servo Motors are also an option on this robust autoload cartoner. View here.
Product Feature: HD-CMA - Heavy Duty Continuous Motion Autoload Cartoner
For this application, the HD-CMA handled Lindt chocolate balls at over 600 ppm. AFA integrated a Cremer counting system to collate the chocolate balls. The HD-CMA was able to run square cartons and irregular shaped cartons on the same machine at 200 cpm. The system also featured the patented Sure-Load closing system to mitigate product from falling out of the carton. Find out more about the HD-CMA here (Video ID: 366).
Product Feature: TR-QCR - Transrector Series Robotic Case Erector
The TR-QCR brings significant benefits to your secondary packaging line. The system provides a robust frame to handle 16 cases per minute. Gantry robot case erecting technology provides consistent erecting technology at high-speeds. Intuitive HMI screens give you access to any component on the machine to help you quickly troubleshoot issues. Fully automatic sidewall compression ensures case stacks are square before erecting. Click here to find out more (Video ID: 367).