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CELEBRATING 25 YEARSWelcome to our first Property Law Update for real estate agents.

As a professional in the real estate industry, everyone looks to you for guidance on a broad range of matters, some of which are quite technical. This law update is designed to help you understand the aspects of property law that are relevant to you as a property professional.

In these newsletters we’ll do our best to answer some of the questions we regularly hear from agents like you. We’ll also include articles that will help you explain property law issues to your clients.

In this newsletter you’ll find information to help you understand more about property titles, in particular registered interests on titles and how they impact on what you can and can’t say about a property when you are marketing it.

We’re also covering how to make the conveyancing process go smoothly (for your purchasers). The more they know about what they need to do and how the process works, the more likely everything will go smoothly with the sale. Feel free to share this information with your clients.

You’ll receive our newsletters quarterly. If there is a topic you would like to see covered in the next newsletter, please let us know. There's a bottle of wine for all the good ideas we use. Simply reply this email or give any of us a call.

And if your question is urgent because your client needs assistance today, please don’t hesitate to phone us, we’re happy to help.


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  Real Estate Agent Law | Samantha Curtis
The Real Estate Agents’ Guide to Residential Property Titles & Registered Interests
Samantha CurtisThere is increasing pressure on real estate agents to assess and understand property titles and the interests registered on them prior to listing a property for sale. Property Lawyer, Samantha Curtis explains some of the common interests for residential properties and implications for how you market a property in ‘The Real Estate Agents’ Guide to Residential Property Titles & Registered Interests. READ MORE »

  Property Law for you Clients | Maria Hamber
How to Make Your Conveyancing Process Go Smoothly (For Purchasers)
Ruth GregoryYou’ve essentially “sold” the property – the agreement is signed and now it’s just up to the vendor, purchaser and their lawyers to get everything to settlement day. But what happens during the process from signing the agreement to settlement? What does the buyer need to do to ensure everything goes smoothly and that there are no delays? How easily can you explain this process to your buyer? Property Lawyer, Maria Hamber guides buyers through the conveyancing process and what they need to do in ‘Residential Conveyancing – Simple Things You Can Do To Help The Purchase Process Go Smoothly’. READ MORE »

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