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Share Some Random PAWSitivity

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Random PAWSitivity is a year-long collaborative project between the Center for Creativity and the Random Note Project.

The C4C and the RNP share the belief that everyone has a story or message to share that can positively change someone else's life. And at the C4C, we love the idea of using creativity to connect people, even strangers, in ways that are meaningful and inspirational.

Random PAWSitivity encourages you to write, draw, collage, paint, or otherwise create a mini-work of art to inspire joy or share something meaningful to you, and place it where it can be discovered by someone else!

Find out how to get involved and spread surprise and joy across your Pitt community.

One Minute Film Festival

C4C One Minute Film Festival logo

At the Center for Creativity, we believe everyone has a story to tell.

The tools of filmmaking have never been more accessible; most of us carry a high-quality video camera in our pockets every day! The One Minute Film Festival provides a platform for visual storytelling to anyone in the Pitt community with an idea and a smartphone or digital camera.

The festival welcomes all forms of expression through the moving image: we want to see your narrative shorts, documentaries, stop motion, experimental films, music videos, and anything else you come up with. The only constraint is time.

How can you convey a message, show the meaning in a moment, and compel an audience in only 60 seconds? We're excited to find out!

For details and submission info, check our website. Deadline for submissions is November 2 at noon!

Even if you don't enter, we'd love to see you at our Festival Screening on Friday, Nov. 6: join us for an exhibition of submitted films, plus Q&A with filmmakers and the announcement of the Audience Choice Awards! (Don't forget to vote for your favorite starting Nov. 3.) 

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Me in the Poetry: Growing Pains

Thursday, Nov. 5  |  2 p.m.


Change may be inevitable, but how do we grapple with the ways we have and will continue to change in our own behaviors and beliefs? This workshop will use poetry to help us recognize the ways that we have changed and to identify the growth we would like to see from ourselves in the future. No previous writing experience necessary!  

Don't Look Away

Don't Look Away flyer

Film Panel: Bring Your Idea to Life On-Screen

photo of old-time movie projector

The Center for Creativity is looking for your ideas and projects, which could be made into a film or television show!

There are great stories across the Pitt and Pittsburgh community. What does it take for them to be realized onscreen? How does a magazine article become a major motion picture? If you have a compelling story, how can you start to develop it into a screenplay or documentary?

Join us for an all-star panel who will share their experiences making the Pittsburgh-inspired movies Concussion, Pride, and Dear Zoe

Register now for this Nov. 11 panel, or get details on the discussion and panelists on our webpage.

photo of handmade concertina and dos-a-dos books

(Almost) No-Sew Bookmaking

Tuesday, Nov. 10  |  5 p.m.


During this informal workshop, learn how to make and bind two small notebooks, a concertina and a dos-à-dos, using only minimal sewing and supplies you probably already have (or can easily find). No previous bookbinding experience needed!

University Art Gallery Seeks Undergraduates for Student Advisory Council

University Art Gallery logo

The University Art Gallery (UAG) in the Frick Fine Arts Building is happy to announce an exciting opportunity for undergraduate students: We are forming our first Student Advisory Council!

This paid opportunity is open to all majors. Students will have the chance to advise and lead the gallery’s student engagement strategies, and the unique opportunity to gain behind-the-scenes experience in museum work. No previous art or museum experience is necessary! For more information, please see our flyer.

Interested students are encouraged to apply here. Finalists will be selected to interview with the UAG director, UAG graduate fellow, and the UAG Student Advisory Council coordinator.

Deadline: Sunday, November 15 at midnight. Questions? Email

Creativity Around the Community

photo of Geri Allen

50th Annual Pitt Jazz Seminar

Nov. 2-6 | Celebrate jazz week with performances by national artists, panel discussions, a cyber symposium in collaboration with Columbia University, performances by jazz faculty, and reflections on the past five decades of Pitt Jazz. Check out the full event schedule!


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