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It’s been a busy year here at Smith & Partners, October saw
some changing faces as we welcomed Tom Storey, Maria Hamber and Carolyn Ranson to the team and farewelled Max Clark and
Rishalat Khan.

A new year often brings new opportunities and new challenges.
If 2012 sees a new business on your horizon, we urge you to think seriously about how you structure your new venture for tax and business purposes – you can read more about your options in Lesley’s great article below.
  December 2011

The New Year also invites us to take stock, and is a great opportunity to assess your current situation - from wills and enduring powers of attorney to family trusts – especially in the light of the recent changes to gifting laws. If there are any matters you would like to discuss, we’d love to hear from you.

Here at Smith and Partners we are working with the community on a great deal of opportunities as we have made it our social obligation to ensure that the West Auckland community strengthens and grows, building a better tomorrow. From all the team here at Smith & Partners, we would like to thank you for your support and loyalty and to wish you a safe and happy festive season.


Pete, Greg & Wade
04.Oct.2011 | Lesley Thomson
How should I structure my new business?
business The new year often sees us evaluating new opportunities, and for you the new year might see you purchasing a new business, or starting up a new venture – either way,
one of the most important decisions for your new business will be deciding on how you will structure your company...

04.Oct.2011 | Samantha Curtis
Pitfalls of Residential Property Purchases – Essential clauses for your Agreement
Property As the weather gets warmer, the property market also starts to heat up, but if you’re looking to buy or sell property this summer make sure you read our article on Sale &
Purchase Agreements – it’s best not to go with a one-size-fits-all agreement as you may find yourself tied into a contract that’s not in your best interest...

13.Dec.2011 | Jason Carruthers
I'm having a dispute with my neighbour over a tree, what can I do?
If you’re lucky, you’ll get some time of to spend at home these holidays, but sometimes our time at home isn’t as peaceful as we would like due to disputes with our neighbours.  Even seemingly small things, like a neighbour’s tree blocking light to your home can affect your enjoyment – learn more about what you can do in these types of situations...

00.Nov.2011 | Peter Smith
The Abolition of Gift Duty and How it Effects You
Wills and Trusts On the 1st of October 2011 the New Zealand Government abolished gift duty.  If you have a trust, there are a number of implications relating to everything from the documentation
required, through to relationship property and creditor protection issues.  Read our overview of the possible affects to you and your trust...

04.Oct.2011 | Elizabeth Briggs
Understanding the Holidays Act over the Festive Season
As an employer, the holiday season brings its own special set of headaches as you try to decipher the Holidays Act and understand what your employees are entitled to. The Holidays Act was amended earlier this year, read on for an overview of the changes and the implications for your business...
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