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INDR 2019 conference follow-up

Hi Folks,

We hope the ideas and conversations you all started at the INDR conference in August have continued to inspire your research.

As a reminder, you are all invited to submit your conference paper for publication as a peer-reviewed article in a special issue of the journal Performance Enhancement and Health. Please be sure when you submit your article to select that you are part of the INDR 2019 Conference Special Issue. You can find the link for submission here:

Deadlines for initial submission will be November 1st, 2019 to appear in the Summer 2020. More information about PEH and the author guidelines can be found here:

Publishing a special issue is a great way to highlight the INDR’s network and share your work with researchers around the world. Please considering taking advantage of this opportunity. You may contact Ask Vest Christian or John Gleaves if you have any questions.

Also, we have been contacted by Jenna Celmer of PCC, Partnership for Clean Competition. She wants us to be aware that they are officially funding social science research at the PCC. Research priorities can be found here: and they are also willing to discuss projects with investigators before they apply to ensure a good fit.

Best wishes,
Ask and John

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