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We hope you enjoy reading the case studies in this months newsletter.
We've included a variety of articles to appeal to the range of our stakeholders, from the technically minded to the executive levels and everything in between.
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Board communications security and the move to mobile technologies

This case study follows a review we undertook for an ASX Top 20 company. It addresses security of information at the Executive and Board levels – communications, distribution, sharing etc with the move to mobile technologies in the Boardroom.

The results of our work went straight to the top and culminated in the company re-assessing how they were protecting this strategic and highly confidential information. The implications of not doing so, could have had dire results in the event of a compromise. Once we delivered our results, the company understood and responded immediately. (However, most companies are still not doing this as they are unaware of the risks).

Read more: https://www.securusglobal.com/community/2014/03/27/case-study-board-communications-security-and-the-move-to-mobile-technologies/

How i got root with Sudo

This post was initially published just over a week ago and has already created quite the stir.

So far, 15 people have managed to successfully find the 'easy' solution and surprisingly only 2 people have been able to solve it using the intrusive solution.

We purposely haven't published these correct comments as yet to allow other people time to have a go. Sebastien (author) will be posting his solution in the coming days, so be sure to get in quick and have a go for yourself!


Security Pitfalls of a Shared Portal

Lessons learned from a custom portal development project.

This paper sets out to examine the lessons learned from a client who commissioned a custom web portal to be developed. During our security assessment, we found a number of significant security vulnerabilities which lead to data theft, account take over and system compromise.

The security pitfalls which lead to the compromises will be outlined along with the recommendations and strategies for avoiding these issues within your own projects.

Read more: https://www.securusglobal.com/community/2014/03/21/case-study-security-pitfalls-of-a-shared-portal/

Tripwire - Security Configuration Management

A brief featuring Gatner Research:

Security Configuration Management is simple in concept: harden IT systems across the enterprise to better repel exploits, and then monitor them continuously to understand deviations from this hardened state. In fact, hardening configurations is recognized as part of the “standard of care” for information security. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

This collection of articles and white papers demonstrates how SCM has changed from a “practically impossible” endeavor to one that’s both practical and possible, and how it’s been implemented across various industries and environments. We hope you find this information to be both practical and actionable.

Download your copy - http://my.tripwire.com/314IAH7850000aF000u9000

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