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MK-SML	- Servo Manual Load Cartoner
Product Feature: MK-SML - Servo Manual Load Cartoner
This application of the MK-SML featured a four (4) operator manual loading station. This unique feature allowed the manual load cartoner to run over 80 cartons per minute. An overhead servo-driven squaring chain ensures a wide size range. The system also featured anodized aluminum with Food Grade motors to run in a wet environment. View here.
Product Feature: HD-CMA - Heavy Duty Continuous Motion Autoload Cartoner
The HD-CMA is a robust cartoner that ensures minimum machine vibrations for high-precision. This application featured hardware products coming in on a single lane and accurately loaded into continuous motion buckets. The HD-CMA can run glue or tuck cartons giving the end-user high-flexibility. Allen Bradley Servo Motors and Drives are standard on the HD-CMA. Find out more about the HD-CMA here.
MK-LSP - Linear Servopac Autoload Cartoner
The MK-LSP has been updated to ensure better performance for end-users. The system features a robust frame to minimize machine vibrations ensuring high-precision operation. Four suction cup arrangement rotary feeder stabilizes the carton before erecting on the main chain conveyor. Intuitive HMI screens give you access to any component on the machine to help you quickly troubleshoot issues. The MK-LSP still features high-speed collation of up to 300 products per minute. Click here to find out more.