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8. FEBRUARY 2017


VIDEO: PhD Day 2018
In keeping with tradition, the last Friday of January saw more than 600 PhD students from Health gathered for exciting presentations, keynote lectures and an evening party with exclusive awards.

Mathematical model approves new effective and fast scanning method
Researchers from Aarhus University and Aarhus University Hospital are behind a mathematical model that rubber stamps scanning methods which examine the body’s metabolism fifty times faster than corresponding PET scans.


New director of studies at the Department of Public Health
On 1 February 2018, Kirsten Beedholm takes over the position of director of studies from Cecilia Ramlau-Hansen. The position entails responsibility for the day-to-day management of three of the department's Master's degree programmes, a professional Master's degree programme and the chairmanship of the study board.

Internal focus

Staff parking in the vicinity of Health
From 1 February 2018, additional parking areas at AU will be reserved for employees at AU. These include the majority of parking spaces around Health’s buildings in the University Park and at Dalgas Avenue. If you wish to make use of the parking spaces, and you have not already got a parking permit, then you must register your car digitally.

Two-step – what?
Two-step authentication adds an extra layer of protection when you log on to a system or service. Most VPN connections to the university will require two-step authentication in future. If you use a VPN, you can register for two-step authentication at

New English course for international employees at AU
The course is for you, if you would like to improve your English for the AU workplace. Application deadline 19 February 2018.


Debate: We must maintain trust between the university and the general population
Health researchers need to communicate new knowledge in the mass media, even in cases where their results can lead to an overload of the healthcare system. But this communication must be done in a responsible manner based on the universities' code of conduct for responsible conduct of research.

Staff news

VIDEO: Here is the PhD supervisor of the year
Each year, the PhD students at Health award the JCD Prize to a PhD supervisor who has made an extraordinary effort. See who won this year’s award.

Three talents from Aarhus University share prestigious research scholarship
Three PhD students from Health at Aarhus University have been jointly awarded the sought-after Fogh Nielsen scholarship. The scholarship totals DKK 125,000 and is awarded for outstanding PhD research.

AU professor receives prize of honour for research into renal function
Jørgen Frøkiær from Aarhus University and Aarhus University Hospital is honoured with DKK 100,000 from the Danish Physicians' Insurance Society under SEB Pension.

Grant: Does nitrate in drinking water lead to childhood leukaemia?
Professor Torben Sigsgaard from Aarhus University receives DKK 1.5 million from Karen Elise Jensen's Foundation towards his research into a possible correlation between the nitrate content of our drinking water and the risk of Danish children contracting leukaemia.

upcoming events

PhD defence: Daniel Ramskov Jørgensen 
Inaugural lectore: Signe Borgquist 
PhD defence: Jesper Løkke Mehlsen


You can find further PhD defences, inaugural lectures and other events in Health's calendar 

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