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Latest News from the ISSM - June 22, 2012 Member Login
Nominations Announced

We're pleased to announce the nominations for vacant positions on the ISSM Board of Directors. During the ISSM Business Meeting in Chicago on August 28th, ISSM members will vote for President-Elect, Secretary General, and two (2) Members at Large from the following list:

President Elect
Wayne Hellstrom, USA

Secretary General
Annamaria Giraldi, Denmark
Watcharaphol Kamnerdsiri, France
Luiz Otavio Torres, Brazil

Member at Large
Tarek Anis, Egypt
Gregory Broderick, USA
Emmanuele Jannini, Italy
Michal Lew Starowicz, Poland
Kwangsung Park, South Korea

We'll publish a biography and personal statement for each candidate soon.  You'll be able to find them here.

ISSM Accepting Applications for 2 Editor-in-Chief Positions

The ISSM is looking for two Editors-in-Chief to take the helms of two new ISSM journals: Sexual Medicine (an open-access journal) and Sexual Medicine Reviews.  

Interested parties must submit their application materials to the ISSM executive office by July 31, 2012.  The Publication Committee, current President, and President-Elect will interview the finalists at the ISSM/SMS meeting in Chicago this August.

For more details about the journals, job descriptions, and application instructions, please click here.

Also, please note that the ISSM will be searching for a new Editor-in-Chief for the Journal of Sexual Medicine early next year.  As more information becomes available, we’ll publish it here in the newsletter.

June ISSM Member Profile: Dr. Luca Incrocci

In this month's Member Profile, we'd like to introduce you to Dr. Luca Incrocci, an oncologist and sexologist from the Netherlands.  Dr. Incrocci is the current Treasurer of the ISSM and has expertise in working with cancer patients.  To read more about Dr. Incrocci, click here.  And this link will take you to our previous Member Profiles.

Erotic Visual Stimuli & the Brain

What happens in women's brains when they watch erotic film clips?  Dutch researchers set out to investigate this question and found some interesting results that depended on the intensity of the erotic content.  During highly erotic clips, parts of the women's brains "de-activated."  But why? Read the full story here.  

Q & A - Testosterone Therapy

What are some of the pros and cons of testosterone therapy?  We've added the following questions and answers to our Q & A section on low testosterone:

What are some benefits of testosterone therapy?

What are some side effects of testosterone therapy?

What are some of the risks of testosterone therapy?

What kind of follow-up is needed for a man on testosterone therapy?

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