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24 February 2015

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Multi-Venue Exclusions – Review

We are seeking information about the effectiveness of the multi-venue exclusion (MVE) programme – the scheme that allows problem gamblers to exclude themselves from multiple venues without having to visit each one individually.

The programme now covers almost the entire country and it’s time for a stock-take of its effectiveness and a review of the MVE National framework to ensure the process still meets all stakeholders’ needs.

We would like your help!

Societies and a number of venues, clubs, casinos, and problem gambling service providers within MVE regions will be receiving a survey shortly, and your participation would be appreciated.

The survey information will be used to help us understand some of the issues and any concerns around the MVE process, and the opportunities that could make the process more effective for all users.

An MVE client survey will also be circulated so feedback from direct users of exclusions can be obtained. This is an important step in the process as MVE is a tool to help problem gamblers manage harmful gambling.

Please watch your inbox for the survey and help us by filling it in!

Questions and answers

What is the Multi-Venue Exclusion programme?

Self-exclusion is where a person can ban themselves from a Class 4 pokie venue by request to a venue manager.

The multi-venue process, developed in 2011, enables problem gamblers to exclude themselves from multiple venues, without having to visit each individual venue, in a supportive environment and in conjunction with counselling services.

A sector-wide working group was established at the time to develop the National Framework which has seen the initiative rolled out to most of the country.

Why is a review taking place?

It is timely to undertake a review of the initiative to ensure that all processes and practices are current and meet the needs of the sector and problem gamblers.

Who is conducting the review?

The Multi-Venue Exclusion review is being led by Internal Affairs and is being conducted with the help of the Ministry of Health and the problem gambling service providers.

What will happen to the results?

The feedback will be assessed by the Multi-Venue Exclusion Review Reference Group which will have representatives from societies, venues, clubs, the Ministry of Health, and problem gambling service providers.

The group will use the information to review and update the following:

  • MVE National Framework
  • Operational guidelines for counsellors 
  • Operational guidelines for MVE coordination and administration roles
  • Request for self-exclusion (MVE) form
  • Request for self-exclusion (MVE) venue identification form
  • MVE venue notification letter

The Department looks forward to working with the gambling sector on this review and encourages those involved in the MVE process to participate in the survey.

Should you have any questions please contact Neove Christoforou on DDI 04 494-0503 or email neove.christoforou@dia.govt.nz