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Law ScholarshipsThe beginning of the year has certainly kicked off with a bang. In February we announced the finalists and winners of the inaugural Smith and Partners Law Scholarships. We were blown away by the quality of the applicants. They really are outstanding examples of young West Aucklanders.

Applications for the 2013 scholarship program close at the beginning of August, so please encourage any students interested in applying to find out more information online at

In March a group of our younger lawyers launched our latest effort to help develop and grow West Auckland by starting the Future Leaders of West Auckland. This is an excellent opportunity for young people who work in West Auckland to network and develop contacts among their peers. You can learn more about their next event and about how you, your team or someone you know can be involved at

We are also pleased to welcome back employment law specialist, Elizabeth Briggs who has returned from maternity leave.

Peter has signed on for his 7th year as one of the judges for the Westpac Auckland West Business Awards. We encourage any of you with businesses to consider submitting an entry. The process is rigorous, but it also offers you an invaluable analysis of your business and how you can develop it to be even better. You can find more information about it on our website at

We hope you find this update informative. We would love to hear from you if there are any topics you would like to see covered in the next newsletter.


Peter, Greg, Wade & Ruth
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