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Less than 100 days...

Fellow Patriots,

We have less than 100 days to shake things up in Congress. If you believe that America is going to see better days with new leadership then help SOFA by donating $5, $10, $25 or $50

Here at SOFA we want to help candidates that will help clean up the go along to get along members of Congress.

Will you join the battle?

FrontPage Mag: Israel, Hamas and Obama’s Foreign Policy

A message from the Chairman:

This article by Caroline Glick ought to be read by every American citizen. It is vitally important for every voter to understand that Obama stands with the radical Muslims. Obama does not stand with Israelis or the moderates in the Middle East. -Gary

Read it here.

SOFREP: A Green Beret’s Solution to Protecting the Southern Border

When I [Loren Schofield] wrote my article A Green Beret’s Solution to Protecting the Southern Border I intended it to be more of an academic or theoretical paper. In fact, I stated:

“I don’t realistically think anyone in any position of responsibility will have the intestinal fortitude to actually take the steps necessary to protect the United States in this manner.”

Read more here.