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Hi, it's Paul Siciliano.

Here's some recent work that I'd like to share with you. I hope it may spark an opportunity for us to work together in the future.

Careers Expo 2016

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Many thanks to Ric Cairns from Brandino for this great project. It was terrific to get to the opportunity create these low poly characters and stylish set. The images below show the development from initial sketches, the 3D model with the animation rigs, then in situ with lighting and final textures.

Above | From sketches to fully rigged 3D character.

Above | Set design and lighting.

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Murdoch University TVC

Above | Frames from the TVC.

Another fun project from the guys at Meerkats. Multiple illuminated cubes, animating to form the  M logo.


Synergy TVC & Online Video Content

Above | Final render with animated graphics.

A great challenge. Create three photo-realistic environments, that contain an iPad, phone and laptop. These items then project animated graphics off their surface. These animation were used as the end branding for the TV commercials and also an integral part of the Synergy online instructional video that was created at Staccato. The online video can be found on the Synergy website (here). The following images are examples of the basic 3D geometry, and the final render with high quality texturing, lighting and graphics. Working with Matt Nankivell from Meerkats, I was proud to bring his idea to life. Click any of the images to view an example in motion.

Above | Final render with animated graphics.

Below | Here's the wireframe for the render.


Above | Final render with animated graphics.


Lotterywest Beut Utes TVC

Construct a vehicle falling, piece by piece from the sky. Another cool brief. The project started life with the vehicle being formed by hundreds of pieces, but as most jobs evolve with clients preferences, I was required to adapt the animation to large sections falling instead. The TVC was shot by director, Ben Young who provided the live action plates. On set, I gathered the lighting and reflection information used in the final render composite.


Animation WIP Movie

Click the image to view a WIP of multiple objects falling to build the final vehicle.


Scitech | Vending Machine

A vending machine in zero gravity. This was an excellent opportunity to have some fun. The guys at Scitech gave me a list of ten items that have been to space and what happens to them in zero gravity. All items and packaging had to be designed from scratch. The machine will be physically built at Scitech and programmed to play one of ten animations depending on the customers choice. Below is an example from the Baked Beans can imagine, these are not a big hit in space.


Brookfield Winter Lights

Working together with Lux Events, my task was to create a series of animations and lighting effects. These sequences were then projected onto two historic buildings at the Brookfield Place on Saint Georges Terrace for the Winter Lights Festival. Here are two examples from the project. Using a 3D laser scan of the building, I was able to create a multitude of effects that would accurately illuminate and cast the correct shadows. Here's a link from the West Australian about the event.


Thanks for viewing and hope to hear from you soon.

Best regards,

Paul Siciliano.