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In this edition, I would like to introduce you to John Rogers, the new General Manager Law Mutual, provide an update on the 2015/2016 Risk Management Seminars, announce that Law Mutual (WA) has a new website and provide a warning about cyber crimes.

Risk Management

We launched our Risk Management seminars on 29 September 2015, with sessions in the Perth CBD. This year’s theme is Recognising your Professional Liability risks and what to do about them. The sessions have been well attended and have attracted positive feedback; the interactive nature of the seminars has been particularly welcomed.

The seminars focus on:

  • An overview of Law Mutual premiums and claims
  • A risk management system for professional liability risks for legal practices
  • Managing client expectations

We have two metro sessions coming up for practitioners wanting to attend something ‘closer to home’.


Rose & Crown, Midland

Joondalup Civic Centre


11 Nov 2015

17 Feb 2016


2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

2:00 pm - 4:00 pm


We are also running more Perth face-to-face CBD sessions in February 2016, book early - places are limited!

Registrations for country sessions in Albany, Bunbury and Geraldton will be available on our website by the end of this year.

A Risk Management seminar will also be available to watch online from April 2016. However, it is hoped that practitioners will attend a face-to-face seminar if at all possible.

To book your session, please visit our website. Should you experience troubles with booking online, please contact Law Mutual direct via email or on (08) 9324 8623.

David Price
Chief Executive Officer


Know your team

John Rogers
General Manager – Law Mutual

John commenced as the General Manager Law Mutual (WA) in June 2015. Prior to this appointment, John was a Senior Consultant at MYR Consulting, a business and risk management consultancy based in Western Australia. He commenced his professional career as an articled clerk at Jackson McDonald, having obtained his legal qualifications at the University of Western Australia. John was a partner at Phillips Fox for three years prior to moving to the insurance industry in 1991.


He has held several senior management positions within GIO, AMP and Suncorp’s general insurance businesses, the most recent as Executive General Manager of GIO & Vero Personal Insurance based in Sydney. John relocated to Perth in 2012 as a result of joining MYR Consulting.


Law Mutual website

You are now able to experience the new and improved Law Mutual (WA) website which went live on 21 October 2015.

It provides easier access to:

  • Your Master Policy
  • The Annual Information Booklet
  • The forms to:
    • Notify us of a potential claim
    • Apply for insurance
    • Give notice of an exemption
  • Educational material for Risk Management seminars
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Cyber crime warning

We recently received the following report from our insurance broker in the UK. It provides a timely warning to legal practices in Western Australia.

The recent decision from the Solicitors Regulation Authority to shut down a solicitors' firm in Surrey after "vishing" scammers duped a sole practitioner into transferring £734,000 of client money into fake accounts, highlights the vulnerability of the whole of the profession.

Put bluntly, solicitors are potential sitting ducks for cyber-criminals. But cyber-risks are essentially just old risks manifesting in new ways - and with far more terrifying speed, scale and financial consequences.

Technology has made traditional crimes such as theft, fraud and blackmail not only easier but also more lucrative than ever before. With so much sensitive client data stored electronically, professional services firms are in the frontline when it comes to this cyber-warfare. They, and their insurers, need to do far more to protect themselves - and their clients - from cyber-attacks.


The threat from cyber-criminals is as much an issue for big firms, as small - and the legal profession ignores this at its peril. While it is true that larger firms have better structures to manage the risk, do not be deluded into thinking they are immune. People are the biggest chink in the cyber-armour of any organisation, so the more employees a firm has, the more exposed it is.

The practititoner's harrowing story is just one example of what has become an epidemic. Financial Fraud Action UK, an industry organisation, reports that total remote banking losses rose 37 per cent in the first six months of 2015 to £65 million. Within that total, telephone banking losses - similar to this fraud - rose by 95 per cent to £14.4 million.

Yet despite the evidence of the increasing ubiquity of cyber-attacks, and the dire consequences they can have, too many professional services firms mistakenly dismiss cyber-threats as "just an IT problem". The issue must be promoted to top of equity partnership agendas.


Equally worrying is the insurance market's unpreparedness for cyber-claims. A survey conducted by my law firm revealed that 36 per cent of the London insurance market was not confident that they even understood cyber-risk and how it affects insurance.

Of course, insurers need historical data on which to model policies, and this does not yet exist in the era of cyber-risk. And in the absence of data, it is nigh on impossible to determine either the "likelihood" of cyber-attack, or the impact in terms of cost - this being the two halves of the equation behind any insurance policy.

As a result, the legal profession is facing double exposure - first, its own slowness in acknowledging vulnerability to cyber-threat; added to that, the likelihood that insurance policies will not cover many of the potentially critical cyber-losses such as reputational harm and damage to a firm's own systems.

So why the complacency? Law firms need to wake up now.

Provided by Kieran Jones, head of the insurance team at Weightmans, a law firm based in the City of London (slightly modified to remove practitioner references)


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