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Women With Spinal Cord Injury Face Sexual Challenges

Many women with spinal cord injury continue to have sexual relationships, but they often have problems, especially with desire, lubrication, and orgasm, researchers say. 

Their study, recently published as an article in press in Sexual Medicine, reported on the sexual health of 30 women in the Czech Republic who had sustained traumatic spinal cord injuries. Another 30 women without spinal cord injuries acted as a control group. 

The women completed a study-specific questionnaire about their current sexual lives. Those with spinal cord injuries also compared their sexual experiences before and after their injury. 

Lower sensitivity, spasms, and mobility issues were common problems for the spinal cord injury group. 

More details on the study, including the women's preferences and other sexual concerns, are available here. 

Don't Miss the VJPU!

Have you checked out the Video Journal of Prosthetic Urology (VJPU) lately? 

As the name suggests, the VJPU focuses on prosthetic urology, especially as it pertains to sexual medicine. Novel technologies and "how I do it" surgical expositions are of special interest.

The VJPU website includes videos on a variety of topics, including penile prosthesis implantation, erectile restoration, revision surgery, and robot assisted vaso-vasotomy. You'll also find posts about making your own surgical videos and honing your communication skills as a sexual medicine specialist. 

New videos are added regularly.  For more information, please click here. 

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