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GreenTree Landscaping

November 2011

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Spring bulb show? Plant now!

As we’re sweeping up the dried leaves of Fall, it’s hard to imagine graceful beds of nodding yellow Daffodils or elegant purple Muscari flowers in the garden.  But November is actually the perfect time to plan and plant special bulb displays.   And planning care must be taken for two reasons: 

Space: to make the strongest visual effect, it’s best to plant bulbs in great masses (100 bulbs per group at least).  Therefore, your bulb planting scheme should go for big gestures but still harmonize carefully with the existing landscape.

Bulb Type: Many bulb species require a hard freeze to make their best Spring showing.  Therefore, it’s important to choose bulbs that are friendly to our local climate—giving great Spring displays despite our temperate Winter. 

For Los Angeles area gardens, these are some of GreenTree’s best performers:

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