March 10, 2023

PH 2nd Grade eNews

We are looking forward to conferences this week! Your child is so excited!


  • Bible – We will be learning about Martha and her faith. Our story comes from John 11. We will not have a memory verse this week, so we can concentrate on our poem. Please help your child memorize this Easter poem “Thanks Dear Jesus by Ed Brandt. Look for a separate email explaining more details.
  • Reading – Our story will be “The Mysterious Tadpole.” Our skill will be Predict and Justify.
  • Spelling – Our new Spelling skill will be long a spelled: eigh, ea, and ey.
  1. EA- Is always in the middle of a syllable: great, break, steak
  2. EIGH- like weight, neigh, beige, sleigh
  3. EY- Always at the end of the syllable: they, hey, grey, prey, obey, convey, purvey, survey, whey
  • Grammar – We will continue working with adverbs and learning to code/find them in a sentence.
  • Math – Review of carrying, borrowing, multiplication, division, word problems plus finding the perimeter of an object.


  • Monday: Math facts or sumdog for 15-20 minutes
  • Tuesday: Read Mysterious Tadpole to an adult
  • Thursday: Practice verse and spelling pattern

Important Dates & Information

  • March 13-16 - Student Led Conferences after school - please sign up
  • March 17- Celebration book orders AND 2nd grade Easter book orders due. I will also pick the top 3 students from our class to say their Easter poem to judges on March 27th.
  • March 20-24 - Spring Break - No School
  • March 27 - Top 3 from our class will say our poem to judges
  • March 31 - Morning with Mom and Art Fair 
  • April 6 - Easter Chapel at 8:30 in the Sanctuary
  • April 7 - Good Friday - No School
  • April 10-14 - Standardized Testing - Please, if at all possible, do not make any appointments during the morning hours 8-11 this week
  • April 19 - Field trip to War Eagle Caverns - we are sorry, but parents will not be able to come with us on this trip - more details coming soon

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