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Future Unfolding #18

Future Unfolding

It's summertime and we're checking off some things from our Future Unfolding todo-list that aren't über-exciting, but are required to ship the game later: Loading and saving a game session, figuring out how the menu user interface should work, storing your settings on disc and optimizing our custom game engine.

We also finished the redesign of the map, that we began 2 months ago. It looks and feels a lot better and does a great job of telling the story of your play-through. The map acts as the key feedback device for exploring the world, so making it as expressive as possible is really important to us.

The next big thing we are working out is how all the different areas (there are over 100 unique ones already in the alpha) and puzzle ideas fit together, something we internally refer to as "World Design". This includes the question how you will be able to go back and forth between the different worlds.

Quick note if you're a member of the press or media: We have started to send out preview builds  – if you're working for a games publication and would like to preview Future Unfolding, please send an email to


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Enjoy the summer,
– Andreas, Marek & Mattias


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