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Welcome from the Head of Gawura
Key dates
Heart, Mind, Life and Uniform Awards
Message from the Head of Character and Wellbeing
Music news
Performing Arts news
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Uniform Shop news
Sports news
What's happening in the Art Space?
Gifted and Talented Education
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Code Camp

Welcome from the Head of Gawura


A big thank you to all the parents who attended our JSGS Easter Hat Parade on Wednesday 27 March. It was a wonderful morning, full of colour and excitement. Each class was enthusiastically received by their peers as they paraded around the Cathedral. The Easter Chapel Service that the students also attended the day before spoke about the true meaning of Easter. Rev Newling’s chapel talks are always well received and are wonderfully presented by her.

Our Gawura students were delighted to attend the high school musical version of the Little Mermaid on Thursday 4 April. The cheers and applause coming from the students in Years 1 to 6 was reflective of how amazing this performance was. Our Gawura students have the opportunity to perform in next year’s JSGS musical and I hope several apply for main and supporting cast member roles.

Our preparations for NAIDOC are continuing. Our Aboriginal Dance teacher, Aunty Rayma is creating a new contemporary dance that will feature at this year’s NAIDOC Assembly. We will share more about this in the weeks ahead. We have also booked an Aboriginal performance for all Gawura School and Junior School students in K to 6 to see as part of NAIDOC week as well. Our annual NAIDOC Assembly will be held on Thursday 27 June in the cathedral starting at 9.30am.

The last day of school for this term will be this Friday 12 April. This is also the last day for Ms Lavinia Gibbs-Williams who will be leaving us to start up her own Aboriginal Consultancy Company. We have already engaged Lavinia’s services for Term 2 as she will return to our school and help us celebrate National Reconciliation Week on Monday 27 May.

As mentioned above our last day for Term 1 will be this Friday 12 April and the first day of Term 2 will be Tuesday 30 April. 

We wish you all a wonderful April school holiday and may grace and peace be yours in abundance.

Mr John Ralph
Head of Gawura


Key dates

Tuesday 9 April
Junior School Parent Teacher Interviews

Thursday 11 April, 11am
K-2 Fun Run, Wentworth Park 

Thursday 11 April, 8am
Coffee in the Heath Centre, Stage 3 Parents

Friday 12 April
Last day of Term 

Monday 29 April 
School closed - Staff Development Day

Tuesday 30 April
Term 2 commences for students

Saturday 11 May
Storytime Shenanigans Trivia Night 

To view all upcoming events visit our Calendar of key dates


Heart, Mind, Life and Uniform Awards



For a full list of the latest Heart, Mind, Life and Uniform awards, click here


Message from the Head of Character and Wellbeing


Never enough?

Dr McGonigle regularly reminds both our students and staff that each person is ‘infinitely precious’ and has been ‘created for a purpose’. These are core beliefs coming from the School's Christian foundations, yet a student’s sense of self-worth can also be shaped by many other factors. 

The recently published book “Never Enough” discusses the idea of toxic achievement culture which is characterised by the entanglement of self-worth, achievement and the relentless pursuit of academic or extracurricular success - at any cost! This phenomenon goes beyond the mere quest for success. It embeds a belief in students that their worth and merit is exclusively tied to their achievements, often propelled by intense external pressures from families, schools, and society.

Some students overfill their schedules with activities aimed at "getting ahead". However, the consequences are proving to be detrimental on students' mental and physical health resulting in burnout and heightened levels of stress. Ambition is to be greatly valued, yet as adult carers, it is important to ensure our children have a balanced and holistic approach to achievement, emphasising innate self-worth and the importance of resilience, wellbeing, and the pursuit of diverse interests. 

To find out more about this visit this SchoolTV Special report.

Mrs Bronwyn Wake
Head of Character and Wellbeing (K‑12)
Junior School and Gawura Counsellor


Music news



Congratulations to Genevieve Williams who has been part of the Sydney Children’s Choir Junior Performing Choir (JPC) for a number of years.

Genevieve is one of a small few choristers in JPC who have been invited to perform with the Sydney Children’s Choir Senior Choir, as well as the Sydney Symphony Orchestra and Sydney Philharmonia Choirs at the Opera House as part of the reliving of the film, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

There are five performances in mid April. Congratulations on being selected for this performance Genevieve!

Congratulations also to two of our piano tutors, Eka Tatanashvili and Nana Tatanaswili, who have received an AMEB award for Most Outstanding Private Teacher Preliminary to 6th Grade, Top 10 Result in recognition of their 2023 AMEB student results. We are fortunate to have such wonderful tutors at St Andrew's Cathedral School!

Please note - music ensembles resume in Week 1, Term 2.

Thank you for your support of music in Term 1.

Mrs​​​​ Kate Robertson
Head of Music (K‑6)


Performing Arts news


The Little Mermaid

Congratulations everyone involved in the The Little Mermaid muscial! The hard work and talent of staff and students shone through, onstage and behind the scenes to result in an amazing and memorable show. Click here to see more of the colour and everyone involved in our offical programme.

Thank you to our sponsors!
Thank you to our wonderful sponsors of The Little Mermaid.  Staging a school musical is a significant undertaking, and we are thankful for their support. It allows our students to shine in the magic of performing in a professional production.



Ursula Sponsorship


Sebastian Sponsorship


Scuttle & Flounder Sponsorship


Library news


PRC and Read More

The Premier’s Reading Challenge (PRC) Digital Launch was sent to schools this week. This Digital Launch aims to keep students engaged with the Challenge as we come to the end of Term 1. However, this digital launch also includes a ‘How To’ section to assist students with logging books. The author/illustrator interview and drawing workshop with Sami Bayly is also available as part of this launch.

The Digital Launch can be found here: NSW Premier's Reading Challenge 2024 - Launch and Sami Bayly guided illustration | The Arts Unit

Sections to note include:

Chapter 1. Rules @ 01.33

Chapter 2. How to log books @ 09.00

The video mentions the student DET username and password. These are the username and password previously provided to our students on the PRC letter sent home earlier this year.


PRC Progress and Read More Challenge

Our PRC is on target to achieve a 100% result for Junior School and Gawura! We now have 58 students who have completed the Challenge within only five weeks. What an effort!

Congratulations to:


  • Soah Cho
  • Veronika Kroslak
  • Ashwin Newman
  • Hannah Yik

Year 3

  • Isaac Cho

Year 4

  • Mairah Kharwa
  • Gabriella Lam

Year 5

  • Hugo Balasingham
  • Nina Fuggle
  • Timothy Yik

Year 6

  • Jarryd Chong
  • Oliver Egan
  • Michael McMahon
  • Margot Stiles
  • Jamie Tan
  • Emma Tomkins
  • Vanessa Yang

Once again, these students are now also eligible for entry into our Read More Challenge. For every additional 10 books they read, they have the chance to win a book of their choice up to the value of $25. Entry forms are available from the Library and our first prize was due to be drawn in Week 8 but was held off until Harmony Week and then delayed due to Easter. Our first draw will be held today.

Just a note for our new to St Andrew’s Cathedral School families – we are currently waiting on the PRC team to merge accounts of students who have completed the Challenge at previous schools. Hopefully this will occur over the holiday break. Please keep logging your books on the account supplied by St Andrew’s Cathedral School, not your previous school.

If you have any questions regarding the PRC, please do not hesitate to contact me on


Get Social!

Did you know that the Junior School and Gawura Library is on Instagram? You can find us at sacslibrary, along with each of the School’s Libraries. Here we post upcoming competitions, student activities, new release books and other events.

Follow us today!

Mrs​​​​ Rachael Cosentino
Library Coordinator ‑ Junior School and Gawura


Uniform Shop news


Do you have your winter uniform ready?

In Terms 2 and 3 the School switches to our winter uniform. Students are required to be in their uniform Day 1 of Term 2, Tuesday 30 April.

Please note, blazers must be worn to and from school.
See St Andrew’s Cathedral School Junior School uniform guidelines here Junior School and Gawura.


The Uniform Shop is providing a blazer dry cleaning service during the Term 1 school holidays

1. Book and pay for your blazer dry cleaning at the Online Uniform Shop via the Parent Portal. Blazer dry cleaning costs $18 per blazer.
2. Drop off blazers Friday 12 April to the Uniform Shop on Level 6 of St Andrew’s House.
3. Collect Term 2, Day 1, Tuesday 30 April, from the Uniform Shop.


Uniform Shop hours

Term 2 Week 1
Monday 29 April, 8am-3.30pm
Tuesday 30 April, 8am-3.30pm
Wednesday 1 May, 8am-3.30pm
Friday 3 May, 8am-3.30pm

The Uniform Shop will return to regular term time hours from Week 2 of Term 2: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8am-3.30pm.


Sports news


CIS Primary Swimming Championships results

On Wednesday the 27 March our nine successful students who progressed through the ASISSA Swimming Carnival embarked on the CIS Primary School Championships at the Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre. We are so proud of all our swimmers across the 15 events including our Junior Boys and Senior Girls Relay who put everything on the line to touch the wall as fast as they could. 

A very special mention to our only place getter Jesse Lo (5W) who not only reached the podium in one event, but placed 2nd in the 50m Breaststroke (pictured), and 3rd in the 50m Backstroke. We wish Jesse the best of luck at the NSWPSSA Swimming Championships on 11 April, where he will get the chance to make the NSW Swimming Team.

We thank all of our swimmers and their parents for their commitment throughout the term and we already can’t wait to see our swimmers hit the pool again in 2025.


Term 2 Thursday Afternoon Sports overview

With the clock having wound back an hour and the weather beginning to cool, we are looking forward to another exciting term of Thursday afternoon sport focusing in on some of our winter sport options. We have once again been able to provide students across K-6 with various options for sport. Kindergarten will be progressing from their introduction to sport into learning some ball sports. Year 1 and 2 will be heading out to Bunnerong Gymnastics for one of our best external programmes for the year. Years 3-6 have the option of three non-competitive sports below. Alternatively for our sports eager Years 4-6 students, they have the option of competing competitively in soccer against other schools.

Year 3-6 non-competitive sports:

Students in Years 3-6 have been given the following non-competitive sporting options for Term 2 on a Thursday afternoon:

  • netball
  • cricket
  • soccer

Year 4-6 interschool sport:

Students in Years 4-6 have the option of participating in interschool sport where they compete against other neighbouring ASISSA schools. This term, students (both boys and girls) have the choice to partake in interschool soccer. These games are all played at Queens Park on Thursday afternoons between 1:40pm – 2:40pm, to which we encourage parents who are keen to come and support their child to watch and support the various St Andrew's Cathedral School teams playing in the ASISSA interschool competition.

Mr Oliver Denny
Head of Sport Junior School


What's happening in the Art Space?


During Term 1, students in K-6 focused on building skill in creating a portrait.  In Year 2, students learned to observe the way in which mathematical fractions play out in the structure of the human face.  They used this knowledge to accurately portray the uniqueness of their own facial features, which give personality and family resemblance.   Students were able to observe the extraordinary creativity and diversity of God’s design in each person’s face, as well as in personality.

Year 2 Artists shown above: Nika Matys, Kingsley Wu, Kit Pazich, Sarah Poon, Sasha Thorndike, Alessándra Dalati, Cindy She, Billie Cooney, Julius Jia, Eden Choi

Mrs​​​​ Miriam Daly
Visual Arts Integrator Junior School and Gawura


Gifted and Talented Education


Extension Philosophy Club

This year Philosophy Club has been a wonderful extension opportunity for Years 1-2 high ability students. Philosophy provides a framework for students to think deeply about the world and society. In philosophy, students ask deep questions which explore connections between human thought and life experiences. Ideas in philosophy are often abstract while also connecting to real world contexts. Types of questions asked in philosophy may include:

  • What is kindness?
  • Why are we here and how should we live?
  • Do we really have choice and free will?
  • Can one person change the world?
  • Can you be happy and sad at the same time?
  • What is real and what is imaginary?
  • Is truth for you different to truth for me?

The study of philosophy does not promote one correct answer. In fact, in the field of philosophy, there is great dispute and disagreement about philosophical questions. Consequently, philosophy is a wonderful extension avenue for high ability students as it encourages critical and analytical thinking.

Many of the questions asked in philosophical discussion connect seamlessly to biblical or religious principles. For example, in the New Testament of the Bible Jesus and the apostles teach about concepts such as love, hate, obedience, friendship, good and evil. Regardless of whether students have a Christian faith, they can still engage in philosophical discussions using a biblical perspective. For example, a question frequently explored in philosophy is ‘Does God exist?’.

In Philosophy Club this term students have engaged in philosophical discussion using picture books written by Anthony Brown. Into The Forest looked at fantasy and reality, the autonomy of choice and making choices for good and bad reasons. Students discussed whether you could make a bad choice for a good reason. They also asked if there are ever circumstances where Christians would make a bad or wrong choice out of a good motivation. Piggybook was an opportunity to explore values. Students discussed how our values may shape whether we appreciate the everyday and ordinary in life. What If looked at worries and their foundation on reality. The group debated whether the reality for you is the same reality for another. They also talked about what the Bible says about worry and reality. Look What I’ve Done allowed students to deliberate the differences between wants and needs compared to wishes and desires. They explored consequences and whether bad things always happen to bad people.

Below are some reflections from students.

"We’ve been talking about reality and fantasy. Sometimes a reality in my mind, doesn’t actually happen. So this is how I know it is fantasy. We’ve also talked about doing bad things for a good reason. For example, getting rid of a bad person (like a bully at a school) is a good thing because it helps others, but it’s bad because it’s bad for that person."
Anders Beynon 1W

We’ve talked about doing good and bad. Being mean on purpose or disobeying is not good. But you might need to disobey or do the wrong thing for a good reason. For example, if someone was hurting you on purpose you might ignore them. But if someone is tricking you, then you might need to break a rule or do the wrong thing to be safe. We have also talked about fantasy and reality."
Sophia Naidoo 1V

Mrs​​​​ Emma Clemens
Gifted and Talented Learning Coordinator ‑ Junior School and Gawura


What's on: upcoming events and activities


All Year 5 and 6 parents are warmly invited!

Join us for Coffee in the Heath Centre to meet other parents and Junior School staff. There will also be an opportunity to hear from Mr Oliver Denny, Head of Sport, Junior School and Gawura, about our sports programmes and skill development.

Download the flyer here and share with your Stage 3 family and friends.

Please RSVP below by Monday 8 April

Thursday 11 April, 8am-9am
Heath Centre, Level 5, St Andrew’s House


Book now!




TheirCare School Holiday Program

TheirCare is also available at St Andrew's Cathedral School Junior School on:

  • Monday 29 April (Staff Development Day)

For more information call 1300 072 410 or for further details on St Andrew's Cathedral School Junior School Holiday Programmes click HERE


Code Camp


Code Camp are offering St Andrew's Cathedral School families a $25 discount for their Autumn Camps.
Click HERE for more information.

To book in for the CODE CAMP Autumn Camp click here


Storytime Shenanigans Trivia Night!

It’s trivia time! Are you ready for a night of fun and laughter, dress ups, games and …TRIVIA?

Don't delay - this event sells out. Bookings open 9 April at midday so start organising your team now!

Grab your friends, book a table, put the finishing touches to your awesome dress up costumes and bring your knowledge of all things trivia to the highly anticipated St Andrew's Cathedral School Trivia Night! This year the dress up theme is STORYTIME SHENANIGANS!

This is how it works… When you book a table of 10 you can choose from a list of children’s book titles. The earlier you book the more choice of book titles you will have!

The list of available book names can be found here.

Who will you be? Will you be Alice's Adventures in Wonderland?  The Harry Potter books? Or maybe Winnie the Pooh? There are prizes for the best team costumes and the best decorated table as well as best individual costume. And of course there are prizes for trivia and for fun games played on the night.

If you are not part of a table of 10 then do not miss out!  Book a single ticket and let us know your Year group so we can sit you together.  It’s a fantastic way to make new friends!

And if you need more excitement, there will also be fantastic items available in the silent auction! So get in early to pick the table of your choice or buy an individual ticket and let us find a table for you.

Price includes a welcome drink and food throughout the evening.

All funds raised will go to the Heath Bursary Fund which provides short term fee relief for St Andrew's Cathedral School families in need.

Saturday 11 May, 6pm to 11pm (Trivia starts at 7pm)
Heath Centre, Level 5, St Andrew's House

Bookings open Tuesday, 9 April at midday and you will be able to book here. Cost: $65 a ticket, $650 for table of 10.


We need your help!

Storytime Shenanigans promises to be a fabulous night as we enjoy a fun packed evening while raising funds for the Heath Bursary Fund.

Whether you will be there in person or not, there is a silent auction which is open to everyone and can be accessed online closer to the event.

We now need help from our Year groups to put together the gift baskets that will make up much of the silent auction.

We are asking our generous school community to donate any new or unused items that you think might make a lovely addition to a basket.  To make things easier we have allocated a gift basket theme to each Year group - but anything you can donate is much appreciated. Gift vouchers are also welcome!

Please check that your food donation is still in date, and donations of alcohol must be dropped at reception by a parent or carer and not by a student.


Please leave your donations with reception in St Andrew's House, Bishop Barry Centre or the Junior School.

All proceeds from the Trivia Night go to the Heath Bursary Fund which is used to offer fee help to St Andrew's Cathedral School parents in need.