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MedTech Monthly

May 2017
Fighting antibiotic resistance: It’s in your hands!

World Hand Hygiene Day focus in the campaign on antibiotic resistance

MedTech Europe welcomes this initiative and supports fully the thinking that in order to fight AMR, we first need to start by focusing on infection prevention.

MedTech Week 2017: showcasing life-changing technologies across Europe

MedTech Europe is organising #MedTechWeek from 19-23 June this year!

For the third time running, national medtech associations and companies are organising activities across Europe to promote the value of life-changing technologies.

In Short

Incredible technologies hailed on World Parkinson's Day

Being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease is always a shock. But for Tony Seidl, the shock was even greater as he was just 39 years old at the time. After all, isn’t it something your grandparents have? In fact, most of the 1 in 500 people who have Parkinson’s are over 50, but you can get it when you’re younger too.


Open letter to Ministers of Health around Europe: Considering transparency rules for the future

Following on the footsteps of our American colleagues, we would like to offer some thoughts on the issue of transparency and disclosure laws and how certain adaptations could help to frame transparency for a new reality.


Living and breathing innovation

From the time Claudia Gärtner was a little girl helping her dad with his business, she knew she would follow in his entrepreneurial footsteps. Recently, she came in third place for the European Commission’s EU Prize for Women Innovators.


‘How an old friend helped me see clearly again’

It was just a chance encounter between two old friends who had met at university. But when Javier told Carlos of his vision problems, Carlos offered to perform surgery that would solve the problem.


MedTech Views

A Bridge Towards Convergence Of Ethical Standards In Medtech


Sometimes I feel that compliance is like a jigsaw puzzle where every new piece brings us closer to the complete picture: Codes of Ethics.

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