Issue 34
  1. A portable sit-stand desk
  2. A customisable sit-stand desk
  3. A mini sit-stand desk
  4. A wall-mounted, detachable mini desk
  5. A desk with built-in organiser
  6. A wall-mounted box/desk

Hey friends!

It feels good to be back home. I'm slooowly getting back into my usual routine, even though, to be honest, I don't feel ready to start with the next issue of Offscreen yet.

I've recently come across several interesting desk concepts, so I thought why not create a special edition of TMD all about desks, workstations and laptop stands. I'll continue with the usual mix of physical and digital items next week. :)

Two links I want to share this week: 1) Why the first draft of your work is always perfect, and 2) an insightful explainer video on the refugee crisis. By the way, I'm happy to report that my spontaneous donation drive for refugees has resulted in donations worth $300. :) 

Have a great week!



This Weekʼs Line-Up

A portable sit-stand desk

One of many portable solution to get you to sit less at work. The Lift Top (currently being kickstarted) is a bit larger than most competitors and looks like a sturdy enough alternative to that chunky, full-sized standing desk.

A customisable sit-stand desk

What looks like the mother of all standing desks, Perch is a tabletop workstation you can adjust and customise to your needs. I like the idea of different platforms for laptop and monitor, but I'm not sure how I'd feel about that wooden cage when in a seated position. Kickstarter seems to love it though: close to 2000% funded with 40 days to go.

A mini sit-stand desk

The Plunk Desk is made for tiny spaces. It functions as a side-table or a fully-fledged standing desk. Or, you could just pull it up to your couch and pretend to be productive while watching bad TV.

A wall-mounted, detachable mini desk

I really love the simplicity and versatility of this mini desk: a simple wooden tray you can attach to a wall-mounted metal bracket. Take it off and use it as a lap tray on the couch. Unfortunately, this weirdly named product doesn't seem to be available for purchase anymore. Or can you find a link to a shop?

A desk with built-in organiser

The surface of the SlatePro comes with all kinds of built-in practical features to keep it tidy and organised: docks for your mobile devices, a large dry-erase board, a mousepad, a drink holder, laptop ventilation holes (optional) and more.

A wall-mounted box/desk

The Desk Box is a practical small table and cabinet that is hung onto a wall. It can be retracted to form a closed box, half the size of the table top. Looks great open and closed.

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