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Mid-June/Summer Deal, Marathon & Cadaver Dissection Lab

Wow it's the middle of June, my favorite month! For me June is host to some incredible green mountain views, fabulous early summer events, and the celebration of travel... plus my birthday :)

The feel better DEAL of the season:

Since there are three superb months of summer why not give yourself or someone else the gift of a monthly massage?  From now until July 31st, you may receive 15% off of a pre-paid series of three 60 minute sessions.  Feel better, and schedule ONLINE :)

The feel better TIP of the season:

I'm inserting a link for you to watch and learn a fun way to ease your own areas of soft-tissue tension.  Some of you have probably heard how I like this material.  It gives the basics of how to use a foam roller.  It is from Foam Roller Coach:  Complete Foam Roller Workout, 13 Excercises.  Give it your best shot.

Here I am (3rd from left; bottom row) at the Key Bank Vermont City Marathon volunteering in the post-race massage tent. 

It was a beautiful day next to Lake Champlain.  I was able to witness the last mile along the water with the runners making their way to the finish line. Congratulations to all the participants, what an accomplishment for them.

Have you noticed the professional photographs?  Yes those are my hands up there, and it's been satisfying to get a different perspective on myself for all of you with this visual tool.  From left to right you can see me assessing scapular movement, mobilizing the tarsal bones, and stretching the lower calf musculature.  FUN!

As for Continuing Education, this month has been life changing for me.  I was fortunate to attend a six day cadaver dissection lab at The University of Bridgeport, CT.  Human anatomy in that type of presentation is undoubtedly clear and astounding.  With hands on direct intent I was able to uncover nervous tissue, blood vessels, fascia, joints, skeletal muscles, and all that is in between.  My career has taken on a new level of understanding.  It was indeed something else and I could talk for hours about it.

And there is more!  Some of you know I have been organizing an Anatomy in Clay workshop this June.  I'm happy to say that it is FULL!  Please click on this link to read a great article about how this valuable course is so efficient for learning anatomy.

Lastly, here's a quote that has been resonating with me this season from one of the best teachers I know, "It can be argued that the fundamental basis for all clinical orthopedic manual and movement therapies is a solid understanding of anatomy." ~Joseph E. Muscolino, DC

Happy June everyone.  Enjoy your summer days, eat well, sleep well and move well.