Fire consumes an area near Jaci Parana, state of Rondonia, Brazil, Aug. 24, 2019. AP Photo/Eraldo Peres

Amazon fires are destructive, but they aren’t depleting Earth’s oxygen supply

Scott Denning, Colorado State University

If the Amazon rainforest functions as our planet's lungs, what do raging wildfires threaten? An atmospheric scientist explains why the fires, though devastating, won't suffocate life on Earth.

Textbook prices are taking a toll on student finances. alphaspirit/

Why do college textbooks cost so much? 7 questions answered

Amie Freeman, University of South Carolina

Textbook prices are causing many college students to forego the books they need for class, putting their grades in peril and leading many to miss out on certain courses, research shows.

  • How male ‘porn superfans’ really view women

    Paul J. Maginn, University of Western Australia; Aleta Baldwin, The University of Texas at San Antonio; Barbara Brents, University of Nevada, Las Vegas; Crystal A. Jackson, John Jay College of Criminal Justice

    There's a strand of radical feminist thought that claims porn causes misogyny. So four researchers decided to test this idea – and descended on a porn expo to study the beliefs of the male attendees.

  • 3 ways China benefits from the Hong Kong protests

    Deana Rohlinger, Florida State University

    Why doesn't China put down the protests in Hong Kong? Maybe it doesn't want to.

  • Why we need to get back to Venus

    Paul K. Byrne, North Carolina State University

    This hot, acidic neighbor with its surface veiled in thick clouds hasn't benefited from the attention showered on Mars and the Moon. But Venus may offer insights into the fate of the Earth.


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