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REOI Tips & Tools #2
Complete an Effective System Rationalization Project Application

In Mid-February we launched the CIF's 2015 Request for Expressions of Interest (REOI). This bulletin is the second in a series that breaks down the application process and offers tips to prepare your best possible submission for this year's REOI.

Special Tips & Tools for System Rationalization Projects

CIF has set aside $1,200,000 to support municipalities seeking to act upon the results of the MIPC Provincial Optimization Study.

Here's what you need to know to create top-quality System Rationalization project applications (using REOI Form 2): 

  • System Rationalization applications take time: Projects are complex and require co-operative action/planning by two or more municipalities. For the best chance to maximize funding, submit draft project details for review and comments. Start now!
  • Prepare supporting documentation: Council approval, minutes of multi-municipal planning committee meetings, cost/benefit analysis, expected savings or diversion benefits, capital budgets and other supporting documentation.
  • Develop timeline and monitoring/measurement plans: These documents are vital features of strong System Rationalization projects. If you need guidance on how to create them, contact CIF.
  • Include project evaluation criteria: Your application should describe as many of the established  “Increased Diversion” evaluation criteria as possible to demonstrate the strength of your proposal.

CIF Staff Members Are Here to Help

We welcome your questions, comments and suggestions and are available to provide assistance, especially in the early stages of your project planning.

For more information regarding the REOI process, contact Gary Everett before the May 1 enquiry deadline.