Coaching - Maximising Productivity from Limited Resources

"Employers are shocked at how high their ROI numbers are for coaching"

Alastair Robertson, Manager of worldwide leadership development, Accenture


A recent study undertaken by RedBalloon provided significant ROI data on coaching. The study found that organisations that invest in coaching are also more likely to see increased profits and productivity.

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One of the key differences between highly-engaged and other organisations is that the former are far more likely to invest in a coaching program. Critically, the 2013 report found that “organisations with the highest levels of engagement outperformed others in every commercial metric”. Specifically, among employers with greater engagement, the majority reported an increase in productivity, increased customer satisfaction; greater profits and improved staff retention.

This stacks up with the evidence that Coach & Co. have been compiling over the years. From our experience there is no doubt that workplace coaching results in increased productivity. Coaching encourages staff to become far more engaged in their role, better communicators with their team, and more enabled to produce the outcomes required. In times of reduced budgets, coaching provides maximum productivity from limited resources.

Coach & Co. provide workplace coaching solutions, with an emphasis on value for money. That doesn’t only mean an affordable cost base, it means providing an outstanding Return on Investment. Our philosophy is to ensure that people are developing in line with the organisation's desired outcomes. By focusing on the development of the individual or group by targeting their effectiveness as a leader, their performance as a manager or even their time management, we can (through coaching) have a significant impact on the productivity of the workplace.

A Recent Example

Coach & Co. recently designed and delivered a coaching program for 50 new managers. Their organisation had recently undergone a significant restructure and was attempting to not only maintain, but increase productivity with fewer (human) resources. These 50 participants had been promoted from technical roles to management roles as part of the restructure.

Coach & Co. designed a coaching program for each individual to run over a 6 month period, with the aim of rapidly developing their people management and leadership skills. Key areas of focus included Managerial Effectiveness, Manager as Coach, Communication Skills, Delegation, Negotiation, Managing Upward and 'Big Picture' Thinking.

Coach & Co. monitored the effectiveness of the program and noted the following key impact areas:

  • Higher engagement levels;
  • Greater understanding of, and commitment to, the organisation and its process;
  • More effective teams due to skilled managers;
  • Reduced stress and sick leave;
  • More streamlined processes; and
  • Greater productivity overall.

Feedback from participants, their line managers and senior management showed that the positive impact had been recognised throughout the organisation.

For more information on maximising your organisation's productivity, particularly where resources are stretched, please contact our Operations Manager, Simon Altschwager via email, or visit our website.

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