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June 2019

Happy Summer! As always, if you see anything you like and have questions give us a ring 800-905-8024! We'd love to hear from you.


New Arrivals

1955 Dodge Royal 4 Door Sedan

1955 Ford Customline 4 Door Sedan

1956 Dodge Royal Custom 2 Door HT

1956 Dodge Royal 4 Door Sedan

1956 Ford Fairlane 4 Door Sedan

1958 Buick Special 4 Door Sedan

1961 Buick Skylark 2 Door HT

1963 Mercury Comet 4 Door Sedan

1964 Dodge Polaro 500 2 Door HT

1965 Pontiac Lemans 2 Door HT

1966 Buikc Electra 2 Door Convertible

1966 Ford Galaxy 500 2 Door HT

1968 Pontiac Grand Prix 2 Door HT

1971 Ford LTD Country Squire Station Wagon

1972 Lincoln Mark IV 2 Door HT

1973 Dodge D100 Long Bed

1974 Cadillac Coupe Deville 2 Door HT

1977 Chevrolet Silverado

1982 Buick Regal 2 Door HT

1984 Chevrolet Monte Carlo 2 Door Sedan



Last Month's Answer: 1963 Olds F85

Loose Parts

64-5 GM A Body CONV A Weather Strip Channels

87-88 Monte Carlo Door Shell


Here are the On The Rack projects we had this month. Remember if you want to take advantage of these please follow us on our Desert Valley Auto Parts Facebook Page

If you want to take advantage of this new prograhm each week when a new vehicle comes up to the rack it will be live on Facebook.